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Media Relations

To request interviews or credentials for Sun Devil Athletics, please contact the sport's Media Relations representative listed below. All interviews must be pre-arranged with the Media Relations office. Our office defines "media agency" as a daily or weekly publication, cable system, radio station, television station or television network, or online entity requiring immediate news coverage.

Photographers can also apply for credentials if the individual is certified by a participating institution, who will represent specific campus-related entities.

Mailing Address: Carson Student-Athlete Center
Media Relations, Room 131
500 E. Veteran's Way
Tempe, AZ 85287-2505
Fax: (480) 965-5408
Phone: (480) 965-6592
Baseball Men's Basketball
Media Contact: Thomas Lenneberg Media Contact: Doug Tammaro
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-6594 Phone: 480-965-5799
@TLennebe   @DougTammaro
Women's Basketball Cross Country
Media Contact: Steve Rodriguez Media Contact: Mitch Terrell
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-254-2489 Phone: 480-965-6592
@SRod776 @Mitch_Terrell
Associate AD for Communications/Football  Football
Media Contact: Mark Brand  Media Contact: Thomas Lenneberg 
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-6592 Phone: 480-965-6594
Football Men's Golf 
Media Contact: Jeremy Hawkes Media Contact: Doug Tammaro
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-9544 Phone: 480-965-5799
@Jeremy Hawkes   @DougTammaro
Women's Golf Gymnastics
Media Contact: Mitch Terrell Media Contact: Kathryn Roberts
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-6592 Phone: 480-965-1237
@Mitch_Terrell @KathrynR47
Ice Hockey Soccer
Media Contact: Mitch Terrel Media Contact: Steve Rodriguez
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-6592 Phone: 480-254-2489
@Mitch_Terrell   @SRod776
Softball Swimming and Diving
Media Contact: Jeremy Hawkes Media Contact: Mitch Terrell
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-9544 Phone: 480-965-6592
@JeremyHawkes @Mitch_Terrell 
Track and Field Tennis 
Media Contact: Mitch Terrell Media Contact: Mitch Terrell
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-6592 Phone: 480-965-6592
@Mitch_Terrell  @Mitch_Terrell 
 Water Polo Wrestling
 Media Contact: Jeremy Hawkes Media Contact: Kathryn Roberts
 Email: Email:
 Phone: 480-965-9544 Phone: 480-965-1237
 @JeremyHawkes @KathrynR47
Beach Volleyball Volleyball
Media Contact: Kathryn Roberts Media Contact: Kathryn Roberts
Email: Email:
Phone: 480-965-1237 Phone: 480-965-1237
@KathrynR47 @KathrynR47
   Corporate Communications
   Media Contact: Maggie Emmons
  Phone: 480-965-4987


-Leif Andersen (B.S., 1997)/Bonneville Media Company
-Javier Aurrecoechea (B.S., Biology, 1997), (MBA/HRM, from UOP in 2005)/Regional HR Manager for Advance Auto Parts 

-Travis Breedlove (B.I.S., 2002)/Vice President Overland Insurance Scottsdale
-Rumer Cantrell (B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication, 2016)/Athlete Relations Specialist, EAG Sports Marketing, El Segundo, CA

-Heather Carter (B.S., 1992)/Professor in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU (2002-Present)
-Tom Chee (B.A., Journalism, 1999)/Senior Manager of Product Marketing at College Network
-Nico Coney (B.I.S, Business and Recreation Management, 2010)/M.B.A from San Diego State in 2012

-Paul Coro (B.A., Journalism, 1992)/Senior Writer for The Arizona Republic (Phoenix Suns beat)
-Brent DeRaad (B.A., Journalism/Public Relations)/Executive Vice President Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (January 2012); President of Golf Industry Association of Arizona (board of directors of the Arizona Golf Association)
-Shayne Dwyer (B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication, 2014)/Reporter, CBS News Roanoke, VA. WDBJ
-Kyle Eng (B.A., Communications, 1992)/President/CEO Arrowhead Advertising

-Preston English (B.A. 1992)/High School Teacher, Apache Junction High School
-Lisa (Eskey) Rodriguez (B.S. Honors Journalism, 1998) PR & Social Media consultant
-Jason Farrell (B.A. Journalism/Public Relations, 1998; M.B.A./2010)/Media Relations Manager, Global Communications Group at Intel Corporation
-Kyra Geithman (B.A. Journalism, 2013)/Digital Content Manager, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
-Christina Hundley (B.A., Journalism, 1998)/Athletic Director, Paradise Valley (Ariz.) Community College

-Jason Johnson (B.A., Journalism 2005)/Senior Operations Analyst for Bank of America, freelance writer for Hardball Magazine, official scorer for Arizona League
-Kristin Johnson (B.A., Broadcast Journalism, 1999)/Business Development Coordinator, Chicago Transit Authority
-Lori Haro Lauersdorf (B.A. Journalism, 1999)/Implementation Manager, Wells Fargo Technology Infrastructure

-Mike McNally (B.S., Communication, 1997)/Athletic Director, Scottsdale Community College
-Ali Mitchell (B.S/2010; M.A. CSU- Long Beach/2013)/Scouting Staff Coordinator- LA Clippers

-Jamie Nicpon (B.A., Journalism, 1994)/Director of Strategic Communications, University of Iowa College of Nursing
-Erika (Nottingham) Garney (B.S., Accountancy and C.I.S, 2002)/Controller, Wildflower Bread Company

-Sean Pate (B.S., Kinesiology)/Head of Communications at Gametime United
-Nate Policar (B.S., Business Information Systems, 2006; M.B.A., 2009)/President, StatBroadcast Systems
-Randy Policar (B.A., Broadcast Journalism, 2002)/Public Information and Communications Specialist for City of Mesa City Council
-Chad Potter. CFA (B.S., Finance, 2006)/Senior Analyst, Gradient Analytics

-John Regoli (B.S., Business Communications, 1987)/Manager for Actelion Pharmaceuticals

-Julie Reuvers Christensen (B.A., Journalism, 1995)/Asst. Director, Univ. Minnesota News Service/University Relations
-Greg Rosenstein (B.A., Journalism, 1989)/Executive VP of Corporate Development and Investor Relations at Superior Energy Services, Inc. (NYSE: SPN)
-Craig Savage (B.A., Journalism, 2000)/U.S. Press Officer, BP America
-Jennifer (Jaeckels) Snyder (B.A. Journalism & Mass Communications, 2007)/Public Information and Communications Specialist for the City of Queen Creek
-Regina Verlengiere (B.A., Journalism & Mass Communications, 2007)/Assistant Athletics Communications Director at Stanford University
-Matt Storey (B.A. Journalism, 2008)/Media Relations Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals

-Steve Weaver (B.S., Journalism/Public Relations, 1987)/Business owner, healthcare, in Las Vegas; former SID at Western Oregon University

-Matt Wilson (B.I.S., Communications and Recreational Management, 2010)/University of Tennessee Football Program Aide-Assistant for On Campus Recruiting

-Scott Dupree Assistant and Associate SID: 1987-1993 (B.A., Journalism, North Carolina)/President for Sports Marketing at the Greater Raleigh (NC) Convention & Visitors Bureau
-Jeff Evans Assistant SID: 2000-2005 (B.S. Public Relations/Sport Management, Washington State University 2000)/former Assistant Director of Baseball Information with the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club 2007-2015 and now SID at Western Washington.
-Rhonda Lundin Assistant SID: 1999-2005 (B.S. Northwestern 1996)/Associate Athletics Director for communications and Senior Wome's Administrator at the University of Nevada
-Sean Moore SID Assistant Director: 1997-2000 (Washington, 1996)/ Associate Director of Advancement, Foster School of Business at UW
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