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Dec. 5, 1997

ASU Gambling Press Conference Question and Answer

Q: If you could talk to these two players face to face what would you tell them and will you erase their names from the media guide and records etc.?

A: Kevin White: We are working on about two hours of specific knowledge of really completely understanding what we are dealing with. I can not tell you what the future holds in that regard. I do not know that I would have said anything to the student athletes other than what I have already said to the members of the media. I am personally and professionally deeply saddened.

Q: Will the NCAA investigate further and will there possibly be more punishment for ASU?

A: Bill Saum: As we stated, the issue here would be institutional control. Did any one know that this occurred? Should they have known? As we understood at the press conference of The Bureau earlier this afternoon and from what they said in their press conference several months ago, there's no indication that any employee, present or former, or any student athletes present or former to date, are involved. These are situations where we are not prepared and not as equipped as the bureau and we will follow this process through to analyze those situations but at this time there is no indication.

Q: Does the administration bare any responsibility at all?

A: Lattie Coor: Nothing we have seen suggests that this university in any way acted improperly or illegally. It is deeply distressing when any individual, in this case according to the indictments, students or student athletes, act inappropriately. That is not an institutional issue and it is one that has been made very clear to us that it's not an institutional issue.

Q: When did ASU begin implementing the gambling education?

A: Kevin White: I would think that the handout you were provided with would give you an inventory of the types of activities that are in place. A good number of them have been in place for a long time here at ASU. They are also, I think, representative of the kinds of educational programs that are active on most campuses. At ASU I think we have been very proactive and we continue to be very proactive.

A: Bill Saum: In the last year and a half, in September of 1996, the NCAA created a position to deal with the issue of sports wagering. That was because our campuses needed assistance. Since September of 1996 we have become very proactive, and our institutions have become much more proactive. We have provided them with educational pieces for their process. I would say that in the last year most of our campuses, including ASU, have stepped forward.

Q: Is the FBI involved in educating student athletes at other schools besides ASU?

A: Bill Saum: The FBI has been very cooperative in communication in being educated. We have a relationship with headquarters in Washington where they have helped educate us. We can call them for help and if we have information we will share it with the FBI. As part of this process the FBI has been kind enough too join with our institutions. I would say there are more Division-I men's basketball programs that have had an FBI agent speak to them than haven't. They actually have sports presenters in the majority of their field offices.

Q: How do you measure what someone (ASU) should have known?

A: Bill Saum: We will follow the judicial process. We have the best in the world doing the investigating. We'll take a look along with ASU and see what comes out throughout the trial. If we or ASU has any questions, those questions will be asked.

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