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Arizona State University Athletic Directory
For questions and concerns contact:

Carson Center
PO Box 872505
Tempe, Arizona 85287-2505
(480) 965-3482

**PLEASE NOTE: All media inquries should be placed through the Sun Devil Athletics Media Relations Department.  We ask that all members of the media do not reach out directly to members of the Sun Devil Athletic staff (coaches, student-athletes, staff, etc.) for interview requests.  All requests should be placed through the media relations department, with a directory of contacts found in the link above.  We thank you for your cooperation. You can contact the Media Relations department at 480-965-6592 with any further questions.


Senior Administration
Student Athlete Development
Basketball (M)
Basketball (W)
Computer Site/Desktop Publishing
Digital Media & Communications
Equipment Room
Athletic Facility and Operations

Faculty Rep
Finance & Human Resources
Golf (M)
Golf (W)
Ice Hockey
Marketing and Game Experience
Media Relations
Mona Plummer Aquatic Center
Olympic Sports Support Staff
Women's Soccer
Sports Performance
Special Events

Student-Athlete Development
Sun Devil Club/Development
Sun Devil Radio
Tennis (W)
Ticket Operations
Track & Field/Cross Country
Training Room/Sports Medicine
Travel Services
University Club
Video Services
Water Polo

Senior Administration Fax#: (480) 965-8219
Ray Anderson Vice President for University Athletics 965-0983 E-Mail
Don Bocchi Sr. Associate AD 727-7710 E-Mail
Jean Boyd Sr. Associate AD 965-8054 E-Mail
Mark Brand Associate AD, Media Relations 965-6592 E-Mail
Gabe Cagwin Associate AD, Sun Devil Club 965-2386 E-Mail
Mike Chismar Sr. Associate AD, Operations & Facilities 965-1287 E-Mail
Dave Cohen Sr. Associate AD 727-0104 E-Mail
Scottie Graham Sr. Associate AD 965-6581 E-Mail
Rocky Harris Sr. Associate AD, Chief of Staff 965-0759 E-Mail
Cooper Jones Executive Associate AD, Sun Devil Club 965-6972 E-Mail
Bill Kennedy Associate AD, Administration 965-5724 E-Mail
J.D. Loudabarger Associate AD, Operations & Facilities 965-8744 E-Mail
Greg McElroy Associate VP, Chief Business Development Officer 965-2022 E-Mail
Dawn Rogers Sr. Associate AD 965-2146 E-Mail
Amy Schramm Sr. Associate AD, Chief Financial Officer 965-9787 E-Mail
Steve Webb Executive Director of Athletics Compliance 965-5138 E-Mail
Deborah Medlock Administrative Assistant 965-9743 E-Mail
Luke Powell Special Projects Coordinator 965-2781 E-Mail
Athletic Operations & Facilities Fax#: (480) 965-9783
Mike Chismar Sr. Associate AD 965-1287 E-Mail
J.D. Loudabarger Associate AD, AOF 965-8744 E-Mail
James Vujs Director, Phoenix Municipal Stadium 727-5899 E-Mail
Greg Werner Manager, Mona Plummer Aquatic Center 965-4047 E-Mail
Jacque Blaser Senior Event Coordinator 965-9712 E-Mail
Kayla Shirey Events Coordinator   E-Mail
Krystina Rogers Events Coordinator 965-0049 E-Mail
Krista Banke Special Assistant to the Senior Associate Athletic Director 965-5270 E-Mail
Kirt Klingerman Manager of Athletic Operations and Facilities 965-3683 E-Mail
Bonnie Kopp Services Coordinator 965-0747 E-Mail
Brian Johnson Athletic Grounds Facilities Manager 965-3890 E-Mail
Pete Wozniak Athletic Facilities Maintenance Manager 965-2716 E-Mail
Shaun Scott Athletic Facilities Maintenance Manager 965-0950 E-Mail
Chris Hawes Athletic Facilities Maintenance Coordinator 965-9528 E-Mail
Josh Perry Athletic Facilities Maintenance Coordinator 965-9528 E-Mail
Greg Godinez Groundskeeper, Lead 965-3890 n/a
Jim Olsen Groundskeeper 965-3890 n/a
Steve Piveral Groundskeeper 965-3890 E-Mail
Bands, Athletic  
James Hudson Director 965-2298 E-Mail
Brandy DuBose Instructional Specialist Senior 965-2044 E-Mail
Baseball Fax#: (480) 965-9309
Tracy Smith Head Coach    
Ben Greenspan Assistant Coach 965-3920 E-Mail
Brandon Higelin Assistant Coach 727-6112  
Brendan Cunningham Director of Baseball Operations 965-1904 E-Mail
Armando Flores Director of Baseball Administration and Community Affairs 965-5060 E-Mail
Steve Kirkman Video Coordinator 965-4297 E-Mail
Basketball (Men's) Fax#: (480) 965-9082
Barret Peery Assistant Coach 965-3343 E-Mail
Stan Johnson Assistant Coach 965-5055 E-Mail
Jason Ludwig Director Basketball Ops 965-6677 E-Mail
Tim Wells Director, Player Development 965-7994 E-Mail
George Neilson Video Coordinator 965-3261 E-Mail
Basketball (Women's)  
Charli Turner Thorne Head Coach 965-6387 E-Mail
Jackie Moore Assistant Head Coach 965-2648 E-Mail
Amanda Levens Associate Head Coach 965-4320 E-Mail
Meg Sanders Associate Head Coach 965-8556 E-Mail
Christina Wombacher Director Basketball Ops. 965-9576 E-Mail
Ashley Elliot Coordinator, Women's Basketball Ops. 965-6086 E-Mail
Compliance Athletics Fax#: (480) 965-0177
Steve Webb Executive Director of Athletics Compliance 965-5138 E-Mail
Justin Pollnow Director, Athletics Compliance 965-5755 E-Mail
Brad Chandler Director, Athletics Compliance 965-5943 E-Mail
Ryan Albregts Coordinator, Athletics Compliance 965-0116 E-Mail
Peter Turney Assistant Director of Athletics Compliance 965-9748 E-Mail
Susanna Tamol Coordinator, Athletics Compliance 965-5722 E-Mail
Computing Services
Bill Kennedy Associate AD 965-5724 E-Mail
Joel Halfwassen Technology Support Analyst Associate 223-7154 E-Mail
Roberto Gonzalez Technology Support Analyst Associate   E-Mail
Digital Media & Communications
Kate Janczewski Director, Digital Media & Communications 965-6974 E-Mail
Grace Hoy Social Media Coordinator 727-6611 E-Mail
Diving Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Mark Bradshaw Head Diving Coach 965-3636 E-Mail
Equipment Room Fax#: (480) 965-9363
Mark Zimmer Manager, Equipment Operations & Product Fulfillment 727-8604 E-Mail
Bowen Bradshaw Coordinator, Equipment Operations 965-3937 E-Mail
Paul Lopez Coordinator, Equipment Operations 965-9763 E-Mail
Jerry Neilly Coordinator, Equipment Operations 965-3935 E-Mail
Karsten Golf Course 921-8070
Packard Stadium Press Box 965-7397/965-1509
Sun Devil Stadium Press Box 965-6207
Softball Field 727-7312
Sun Devil Stadium (Field) 965-5513
Team Shop 965-6099
WFA North Floor 965-7274/965-7758
Whiteman Tennis Center 965-3686
Faculty Representative
Dr. Jeffrey Wilson Faculty Athletics Representative 965-5628 E-Mail
Finance & Human Resources
Amy Schramm Sr. Associate AD, CFO 965-9787 E-Mail
Dan Wakely Assistant Athletics Director 965-3301 E-Mail
Camille Crook HR Consultant n/a E-Mail
Chris Tudor Director, Finance 965-4162 E-Mail
Joseph Hewitt Accountant 727-4458 E-Mail
Cathy Ray Accountant Associate 965-7079 E-Mail
Yumi Urata Accountant, Sr. 965-5659 E-Mail
Pauletta Riggs Human Resources Specialist Sr. 965-2798 E-Mail
Kim Edwards Office Specialist, Sr., Human Resources 965-9375 E-Mail

Football Offices (480)965-3429 Fax#: (480) 965-8370

Todd Graham Head Coach 965-5053 n/a
Del Alexander Assistant Coach 965-3103  
Chris Ball Co-Defensive Coordinator 965-3630  
Bo Graham Assistant Coach 965-3667  
Chip Long Assistant Coach 965-3661  
Mike Norvell Offensive Coordinator 965-3966  
Keith Patterson Assistant Coach 965-3412  
Jackie Shipp Assistant Coach 965-3213  
Shawn Slocum Assistant Coach    
Chris Thomsen Assistant Coach 965-3213  
Tim Cassidy Sr. Associate AD, Football Operations 965-9726 E-Mail
Dan Phillips Manager, On-Campus Recruiting   E-Mail
Marcus Castro-Walker Manager, Player Development   E-Mail
Matt Butterfield Coordinator, Offensive Analyst    
Lora Borup Administrative Associate 965-5053 E-Mail
Jill Adams Administrative Associate 965-3037 E-Mail
Patrick Suddes Assistant Athletics Director, Recruiting    
  Football Recruiting Department   E-Mail
Golf (Men's) Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Tim Mickelson Head Coach 965-3262 E-Mail
Eric Hoos Assistant Coach   E-Mail
Golf (Women's) Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Melissa Luellen Head Coach 965-7081 E-Mail
Melissa Farr-Kaye Associate Head Coach 965-0769 E-Mail
Gymnastics Fax#: (480) 965-7398
René Lyst Head Coach 965-7843 E-Mail
Ralph Rosso Assistant Coach 727-6974 E-Mail
Jeff Hunt Assistant Coach 965-4452 E-Mail
Ice Hockey (Men's)
Hockey Offices - (480)727-7638
Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Greg Powers Head Coach 965-3482 E-Mail
Alex Hicks Assistant Coach 965-3482 E-Mail
Adam Blossey Hockey Operations 727-7638 E-Mail
Marketing Fax#: (480) 965-1261
Becky Parke Assistant AD 727-0623 E-Mail
Freddy Tuggle Manager, Marketing 727-0844 E-Mail
Abbey Carter Director, Database Marketing and Analytics 727-4055 E-Mail
Lisa Juliano Assistant Director, Marketing 727-1069 E-Mail
Jennifer Klimoski Graphic Designer Principal 727-0001 E-Mail
Joe Sandoval Graphic Designer Principal 727-1104 E-Mail
Ashley Yencho Graduate Assistant 727-2078 E-Mail
Brittany Dugan Graduate Assistant 727-2076 E-Mail
Game Experience
Conrad Bradburn Manager, Game Experience 727-7446 E-Mail
Josh Richard Coordinator, Game Experience 727-4063 E-Mail
Media Relations Fax#: (480) 965-5408
Mark Brand Associate AD 965-6592 E-Mail
Doug Tammaro Assistant AD (M Hoops/M Golf/Credentials) 965-5799 E-Mail
Steve Rodriguez Associate Dir. (W Hoops/W Soccer/Photography) 965-9780 E-Mail
Jeremy Hawkes Assistant Dir. (FB/Softball/Water Polo) 965-9544 E-Mail
Lindsay Gaesser Sports Information Assistant (M/W Golf, W Tennis, MBB) 965-6592 E-Mail
Kathryn Roberts Assistant Dir. (T&F/XC/Wrestling,Volleyball) 965-1237 E-Mail
Maggie Emmons Assistant Dir. (Gym/Swim & Dive/W Golf/W Tennis) 965-6592 E-Mail
Thomas Lenneberg Assistant Dir. (Baseball/Football) 965-6594 E-Mail
Mona Plummer Aquatic Center
Greg Werner Manager, Mona Plummer Aquatic Center 965-4047 E-Mail
Sammy Molina Maintenance Tech 965-4040 E-Mail
Sand Volleyball
Jason Watson Head Coach 965-4047 E-Mail
Jacquelyn Bunker Assistant Coach 965-3480 E-Mail
Women's Soccer Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Kevin Boyd Head Coach 965-1715 E-Mail
Scott Champ Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 965-6973 E-Mail
Blair Quinn Assistant Coach 965-2439 E-Mail
Sodexo - Concessionaire, Catering, & Training Table Fax#: (480) 727-6190
J.R. Bohinc General Manager 965-6707 E-Mail
Don Young Concessions Manager 965-2979 E-Mail
Lizzie Youngson Suites Manager 965-7050 E-Mail
Angela Chango Catering/Suites Manager 965-4215 E-Mail
Kathy Scott NPO Coordinator 965-6820 E-Mail
Arthur Lawson Executive Chef 727-6946 E-Mail
Joyce Pellegrino Human Resources 965-1630 E-Mail
Lenny Lugito Assistant to GM 965-9174 E-Mail
Softball Fax#: (480) 727-7625
Craig Nicholson Head Coach 965-3973 E-Mail
Boo De Oliveira Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 965-8340 E-Mail
Rob Wagner Assistant Coach 965-6876 E-Mail
Aaron Wilson Director of Softball Ops 727-7312 E-Mail
Special Events
Freddy Tuggle Manager, Marketing & Special Events 727-0844 E-Mail
Sports Performance
Shawn Griswold Head Coach 727-7088 E-Mail
Rich Wenner Associate Head Coach 965-6349 E-Mail
Josh Storms Assistant Head Coach 965-3833 E-Mail
Chris Desrosiers Senior Assistant Coach 727-0614 E-Mail
Jason Robbins Assistant Coach   E-Mail
Kody Cooke Coaching Assistant   E-Mail
Tyler Friedrich Assistant Coach 965-7710 E-Mail
Hannah Wilkinson Coaching Assistant   E-Mail
Student-Athlete Development Fax#: (480) 727-7588
Jean Boyd Sr. Associate AD 965-8054 E-Mail
Natalie Thackrah Manager/Academic Coach (M/W Swimming/Diving, Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Water Polo) 965-2514 E-Mail
Denzel Burrell Coordinator/Academic Coach (Soccer, Tennis, M T&F/XC, Wrestling) 965-5105 E-mail
Corinne Corte Learning Specialist 727-6964 E-Mail
Erica Flores Coordinator/Academic Coach (Football) 965-7337 E-mail
Brittney Jarvie Coordinator/Academic Coach (Baseball, W T&F/XC ) 965-4899 E-Mail
Shay Jewett Associate Director (Women's Basketball, M/W Golf, Softball) 965-2649 E-Mail
Andrea Lore Assistant Athletics Director (Gymnastics) 727-6784 E-Mail
Paul Randolph Associate Athletics Director, Championship Life 965-4398  
Jessica Richardson Academic Coach (Soccer, Men's Basketball) 727-8758 E-Mail
Courtney Skipper Manager/Academic Coach (Football) 965-2541 E-Mail
Sun Devil Club/Development Fax#: (480) 727-7701
Cooper Jones Executive Associate AD 965-6972 E-Mail
Gabe Cagwin Associate AD 965-2386 E-Mail
Dave Willis Assistant Vice President of Athletic Leadership Giving 727-8851 E-Mail
Jeff Pivic Director, Annual Fund & Stewardship 727-7705 E-Mail
Tom Collins Senior Development Director 727-7706 E-Mail
Derek Gossler Director of Major Gifts 965-3934 E-Mail
Julie Miller Director of Major Gifts 727-8349 E-Mail
Bridget Arenson Associate Director, SAF Events & Clubs 727-7709 E-Mail
Lauren Bird Associate Director, Development 727-7538 E-Mail
Joyce McBurney Coordinator, Donor Database 727-7702 E-Mail
Kevin Miniefield Coordinator, Former Student-Athlete Outreach 727-6644 E-Mail
Linda Vollstedt Development Director 965-4277 E-Mail
Deborah Souza Special Assistant to Athletic Admin. 727-7712 E-Mail
Sun Devil Radio
Tim Healey Director of Broadcast Operations 838-1504 E-Mail
SDA Ticket Sales & Service Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Jacob Widerschein Manager, New Ticket Sales 727-3504 E-Mail
Joe Jerde Manager, Premium Seating & Service 727-3511 E-Mail
Tyler Alves Team Leader - Ticket Service & Retention 727-3524 E-Mail
Jeremy Figueroa Team Leader - Ticket Service & Retention 727-3525 E- Mail
Bryan Moore Sr. Ticket Service Consultant 727-3541 E-Mail
Becca Haberl Ticket Service Consultant 727-3539 E-Mail
Ryan Kelley Team Leader - Business Development 727-3502 E-Mail
Damon Olstead Sr. Business Development Consultant 727-3530 E-Mail
Gabriel Serrato Business Development Consultant 727-3527 E-Mail
Lindsey Kent Sr. Group Events Consultant 727-3522 E-Mail
Justin LaLone Group Events Consultant 727-3534 E-Mail
Duane Taylor-Mason Group Events Consultant 727-3526 E-Mail
Swimming (Men's & Women's) Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Dorsey Tierney-Walker Head Coach 965-2974 E-Mail
Greg Earhart Assistant Coach   E-Mail
Dan Kesler Assistant Coach 965-5661 E-Mail
Shane Pelton Coaching Assistant 965-3482 E-Mail
Tennis (Women's) Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Sheila McInerney Head Coach 965-4333 E-Mail
Clint Letcher Associate Head Coach 965-5103 E-Mail
Ticket Operations Fax#: (480) 965-6006
Kelli Sampson Director, Ticket Operations 727-7742 E-Mail
Kendall Oakson Ticket Office Assistant Manager 727-0717 E-Mail
Dean Okimoto Ticket Office Assistant Manager 727-0101 E-Mail
Tyson Roberts Graduate Assistant 965-9191  
Karen Ostrom Administrative Assistant 965-2506 E-Mail
Track and Field/Cross Country Fax#: (480) 965-8149
Greg Kraft Director of Track & Field (Jumps) 965-5660 E-Mail
David Dumble Assistant Coach (Throws) 965-2242 E-Mail
Luis Quintana Head XC Coach/Assistant TF Coach (Distance) 965-2406 E-Mail
Ronnie Williams Assistant Coach (Men's Sprints/Hurdles/Relays) 965-4313 E-Mail
Jeremy Rasmussen Assistant Coach 727-0578 E-Mail
Otis McDaniel Assistant Coach 965-0016 E-Mail
Training Room/Sports Medicine Fax#: (480) 727-0006
Diana Padilla Associate Head Athletic Trainer (WBB, Tennis) 965-8458 E-Mail
John Anderson Assistant Athletic Trainer (MBB)   E-Mail
Josh Beaumont Assistant Athletic Trainer (Soccer, Wrestling)   E-Mail
Gerry Garcia Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football, Diving, Water Polo) 965-9430 E-Mail
Mindy Langlois Assistant Athletic Trainer (Gymnastics, Swimming)   E-Mail
Ken McCarty Interim Head Athletic Trainer (Baseball, Volleyball, Sand Volleyball) 965-0185 E-Mail
Chad Walker Assistant Athletic Trainer (Softball, Golf)   Email
Stephanie Bukarau Asst. Athletic Trainer (Cross Country, Track & Field) 965-8497 E-Mail
Dr. Anikar Chhabra Chief Orthopedic Consultant 965-9437 n/a
Dr. Roger McCoy Team Physician 965-8078 n/a
Shanyn Lancaster Physician Lead - Sports Medicine 965-9437 E-Mail
Yana Gadaev Medical Assistant 965-9437 E-Mail
Amber Yudell Team Dietitian 965-0214 E-Mail
Volleyball Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Jason Watson Head Coach 965-2035 E-Mail
Linda Hampton Keith Associate Head Coach - Recruiting Coordinator 965-0639 E-Mail
Erica Crismon Coaching Assistant 965-7178 E-Mail
Jacquelyn Bunker Director of Operations 965-3482 E-Mail
Video Services
Rob Roberson Producer/Manager Olympic Sports Video 965-3980 E-Mail
Alex Hodge Director, Football Video 965-3037 E-Mail
Dan Wayne Coordinator, Football Video 965-3037 E-Mail
Water Polo
Todd Clapper Head Coach 965-3596 E-Mail
Jeff Colton Assistant Coach   E-Mail
Wrestling Fax#: (480) 965-7398
Zeke Jones Head Coach 965-3596 E-Mail
Chris Pendleton Assistant Coach   E-Mail
Lee Pritts Assistant Coach 965-3596 E-Mail
Brittany Martin Wrestling Operations   E-Mail
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