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Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
A Bunch Of Short Questions And Answers With Steve Patterson
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 07/23/2013
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A bunch of questions and answers with Steve Patterson. Go Devils!

Sun Devil you really enjoyed in 2012-13: Carrick Felix. A great story of personal growth that led to a much improved season for the team.

Sun Devil coach who probably doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve: Todd Clapper of water polo, he's built a very highly ranked program in a sport dominated by Southern California schools for decades. Because their national championship is such a small field, it is hard to be recognized as well as he should.

One sport I wish I could see more of, but my schedule didn’t allow this year: Swimming & Diving. Super athletes with incredible discipline.

First words I think of when I say the words Phoenix Municipal Stadium: Opportunity. Growth. Success. History.

The biggest improvement in a new Sun Devil Stadium will be...the fan experience.

Best thing that came out of the Return to Camp Tontozona...reconnecting to a unique ASU tradition. Reconnecting with fans, players, coaches and the City of Payson.

A single game/event that you watched in person that you loved...Are you kidding?!?!?! Winning the Territorial Cup down south with a great fourth-quarter comeback.

So far, my favorite road trip has been...Kraft Bowl. Good events, a lot of alums, a unique venue and a big win which has helped given us great momentum for 2013.

Best part of the Pac-12 Network...watching our teams play with great production value.

One word to describe Dallas’ fastball...OHJEEZ!

One word to describe what it would be like to guard Jahii in the open court...with these knees? Not going to happen!

Did you REALLY think we would cut down on the football penalties as much as we did?After hearing Coach Graham at practice, no shock at all. It is a MAJOR point of emphasis.

If you went match play vs. Jon Rahm, do you think you would win any holes? Only if he spotted me four strokes a hole; then maybe one or two. The same week he shot a 61, I had that on the front 9 at my old course in Portland.

The thing I learned the most during the whole Notre Dame symbolically important it was to the Sun Devil Nation that we stand up to make people honor their word.

Favorite football uniform (I know the older folks are groaning), they still look really, really good. Our players love them and that is really important.

One Sun Devil athlete we all need to keep our eye on in 2013-14...Jahii Carson. I am not breaking news here, but he is so special and as a person with basketball background his game is one to appreciate.

I loved the Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas was an environment that provided enough in the venue, formatting and surrounding entertainment that we could attract a good crowd around the celebration of the best of the current and past in Pac-12 basketball.

Why you loved 2013 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee and Sun Devil Curley Culp...I loved watching Curley as an Oiler when we both had much less gray hair. I didn't know why he had such great footwork and balance. Now, I know he was a national champion NCAA wrestler at ASU and it makes more sense to me.

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