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ASU Men's Golf BIO
Player Profile:


Itani Quality Homes Collegiate 72-71-76=219/+9/T47


Kikkor Golf Husky Individual 72-70-77=219/+6/T17

Sam Houston State Harold Funston Invitational 79-75-77=231/+18/T39

Quick Q & A with Blake
What major would you most like to win? Masters
The best round of my life was a (score) at (course) back in (date) 65 Pine Canyon
The class I am looking forward to the most this semester… Com 100
Three golfers I want to play a round with… Phil Mickelson, Tiger and Jack Nicklaus
Three people (non-golfers) I want to pay a round with… Charles Barkley
The main reason I picked Arizona State is… The history of golf success
What is your favorite golf course you have ever played? The Blessings
What is the one golf course you have not played but want to? Augusta
One word to describe Arizona State golf… History
Major League Baseball players pick a song to play on the PA system when they step up to the plate. You are a MLB player. What song is playing as you dig into the batter’s box? ‘Save a horse, ride a cowboy’
What do you like best about your hometown? Access to the outdoors
Past Sun Devil athlete (any sport) you wish you could have watched compete… Pat Tillman
Are you a good dancer? When is the last time you danced? No. My sisters wedding
What is one of your favorite quotes and why? “can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”- Philippians 4:13
What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Dishes
What is your favorite form of exercise? Lifting
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Base Jump
If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it? A walk with God
Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know… I love the outdoors
If on Twitter, your favorite person to follow and favorite person that follows you? Not on twitter
Where is the most interesting vacation spot you have ever visited? Maui
What toppings do you get on your pizza? Pepperoni and mushrooms
Favorite pro athlete you have been around… Ben Crane
Most underrated coach you have ever been around… Matt Trimble
Past Sun Devil game/event you wish you have been there live to see… ASU Rose Bowl
Last book I read… The heart and fist
Last movie I saw… White house down
The most played song on my iPod is… Big green tractor
Something I have not done, but I will… Sky dive
What three words would you use to describe yourself? Hardworking, persistent and caring
What is the most useful app you have downloaded? Holy Bible
What is your fondest childhood memory? Hunting and fishing with my Dad
You have just won the lottery, what is your first purchase? Ram 3500
Besides golf, what is your favorite sport to watch? Baseball
What is your favorite food? Steak
What is your favorite restaurant? Pancake Pantry
What is a place that you have always wanted to visit? Rome

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