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ASU-Michigan Quotes - Tempe Regional Final Day
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 05/18/2014
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Dallas Escobedo

On the Seventh Inning:

“They are all great hitters so I knew that I had to be at my best. I think it was maybe the reps, since they have seen me so much. You can only hide so many different things when they see you about 8 or 9 times in a day. Kind of just sticking with what I know find my corners. They got some great hits on great pitches.”

On Facing Sierra Romero and Sierra Lawerence:

“Well I struck out Romero so I wasn’t really pitching around her. I just wanted to go right at them. I didn’t want to give them free bases or any other opportunities for them to score. Just going right and them. Some got away or weren’t called and you can’t control that.”

On her career at Arizona State:

“We all have our own memories, our own big games that we favor. Every opportunity to step on the field and play in this jersey, not a lot of people get that. It may be just a game but I have been thankful for every game that we have played together and being Sun Devils.”

Alix Johnson

On the passion she displayed in the Seventh Inning:

“Before my at-bat it kind of hit me that it could potentially be the last at-bat I ever have at Farrington Stadium. That wasn’t the ideal hit I wanted. But I knew with my speed that I could potentially beat any ball in the infield out. I have never done that before in my entire career. My emotions and instincts got the best of me.”

On her 4 years at Arizona State:

“All three of us have accomplished so much in our four years here. We are extremely blessed and have been blessed these past four years. We have gained so many great relationships with the teammates we have had come in and out. I couldn’t be happier to have gone through this journey with the girls that I have. When it comes down to it, it is bittersweet.

Statement by Head Coach Craig Nicholson

“Obviously a tough day for us.  The toughest part is we didn’t play bad, we just, you know, we didn’t get breaks when we needed to get breaks, I really though we competed hard today. Obviously, I feel terrible mostly for these three sitting right here (Dallas, Alix, Bailey).”

Nicholson on last deep fly ball

“I did, I think it was out, and their Center Fielder made a great play.  Again, that’s what I am talking about, sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t.  If that ball is six inches higher we are having a whole different conversation.”

Bailey Wigness on time as a Sun Devil

“Obviously we have had a great career here, three trips to the College World Series in four years, with a ring.  Not many senior classes can say that they’ve done that. So Obviously, we’ve had great careers, it didn’t end the way we wanted, but you know we’ve had a lot of fun, we’ve grown together as a senior class, we’ve experienced you know major transitions together, and it’s hard right now, but I wouldn’t change a thing that happened.  We grew, together and we’ve accomplished a lot, and I will always be very proud of that.  

Michigan Quotes

Carol Hutchins opening statement:

"When Taylor hit that ball I thought maybe this is meant to be and that last part of the game I thought well maybe it isn't but it was just a great softball day."

"We just hung tough regardless of what happened in the game and found a way to score more runs than them and ultimately that's the only thing that mattered."

Taylor Hasselbach on talking to Sierra:

"She just told me she believed in me, she knows I can do it, I'm due, and just to see the ball and just keep it simple."

Sierra Lawrence on her performance and at bats: 

"I was only thinking to believe in myself, I knew I could do it, my team knew I could do it and there was nothing more to it but to keep it simple and believe in myself."

Haylie Wagner on the last out: 

"I trusted her out the entire way and I knew it was a hard hit ball and I knew it was either make or break right there, but once I saw her jump up I knew that she had it and I believed her, I couldn't be more proud of her right now."

Carol Hutchins on ailing players: 

"They had to really gut it out, they were very sick" 

"Right before the first game we were this close to not putting Romero out there and we were not sure she was going to make it out there."

Taylor on performance and being a senior: 

"It's indescribable just because it's a lot of overcoming, it's a lot of courage and this team has a lot of bravery and I think we showed that today."

Carol Hutchins on advice to Haylie: 

"You're going to deal with whatever comes your way, hopefully you can do that and that's what great pitchers do, they take the team, put them on their shoulders and say I'll get this for you and I thought she did that tonight." 

Haylie Wagner on performance.:

"I knew going out there that I had to go out there and fight."

"I just can't wait to see what this team can do."

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