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Courtesy: Steve Rodriguez
Charli Checks In
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 08/15/2014
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Editor’s Note: Throughout the offseason Sun Devil head women’s basketball coach Charli Turner Thorne will be providing updates and other notes of interest on the Sun Devil women’s basketball program.

August 15, 2014

I had the honor of speaking to the Glendale School District staff last week and as educators and the leaders of our future leaders, we talked about the importance of “Teamwork.”  I love the terms used by Kevin Pritchard and John Eliot, “Help the Helper” culture or “Extreme Teamwork!”  For you ex-basketball players “help the helper” is a defensive term that all the best teams utilize – it’s a rotation of help that makes sure all is covered and we protect our paint.

Every family, team, organization and community would benefit from this environment.  So what does it look like with Sun Devil women’s basketball? 

Well, we start with something that is fundamental to all successful teams and organizations – High Standards.  To be a part of our program is to embrace that the bar is and will always be set very high. 

Our second ingredient is selflessness. With a society that reinforces a “Look out for No. 1” life philosophy, we cultivate the opposite – giving ourselves over to the greater good. This is not only necessary for successful teams but truly helps all of us have purpose and fulfills us. 

Our third extreme teamwork ingredient is building trust and therefore, positive healthy relationships with all teammates and coaches.  We spend time connecting and not just “digitally” and it pays off.  We define trust with 3 C’s – impeccable Character, mindful and disciplined Communication and of course Competency!

Building on the competency piece, we find that disciplined preparation is a critical part of being a totally committed teammate.  In other words, you have to take care of yourself to be in a position to have your teammates back.  We really help each other to be effective with energy and time management

Lastly, we believe a commitment to extreme teamwork takes “courage.”  We have to be willing to take risks to accomplish great things. We have to show up each day with a teachable spirit. A wise coach once said that the best way to help your team is to make yourself better. So again, we foster a culture of intense personal growth motivated by helping our team be the best we can possibly be.

Our best fans know that this extreme teamwork was a huge source of our success last year.  Our goal is to grow is to an even deeper level this season.  Stay tuned for more on our upcoming season!

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