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The Baker's Blog From Omaha
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 06/19/2010
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Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
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June 19, 2010

OMAHA, Neb. -

Baker's Blog #4- This morning we got up bright and early to prepare for our game against Clemson. We had breakfast in the hotel and then headed to the field. It was very dark still and a light rain was falling, which did not help the field conditions. Yet after a few hours and some sunshine, we were able to start the game on time. And the game was about as ugly as the weather. We just did not play to our potential, nor did we play the way we have played that has made us so successful this season. Clemson played good baseball and was able to beat us in the opening game 6-3. The thing that is most frustrating about it is the fact that we know we are better than that. We know what we are capable of and we just flat out did not do it. That being said, we are still alive in the tournament. You have to lose twice and the last time I checked we only have one loss. So it's imperative that we do not take anything for granted, and come out playing great baseball. We can do it and the guys are still excited about the rest of the series. We are definitely going to make things interesting. After the game, we rested a bit and, of course, ate more good food. I got Prime Rib with banger beans and mash. It's either steaks or pasta. Interesting combination but that's what the majority of the team got! There's a lot of downtime tonight because the game was so early, so it's each player on his own. Most will be watching the UCLA- TCU game then heading to bed. I know I will be. We play tomorrow afternoon against South Carolina. This time of the year, none of the games are easy, so like always we'll have to play good baseball in order to stay alive. After today, a lot of guys are looking forward to a new opportunity to redeem themselves. I like our chances.

Baker's Blog #3- OY OY! Well, today was a wet one. Usually when I wake up, there's sunshine to greet me. But this morning it was dark and grey which usually only means one thing: It's going to rain. And it did. It wasn't a hard rain or storm, but it was enough to delay the games so that we could not play. We all were patiently waiting until it was time to get on the bus and head to the field. We finally got there and all were antsy to get off the bus and go play in a much anticipated game against Clemson. Finally, a rep from the NCAA told us that we will be playing tomorrow morning. But it's okay; a little adversity has never beaten us before. Coach Ez told us our first weekend that this exact scenario was going to play out. That we would be rained out or delayed and have to come back on short notice to win a ball game. So now it's sink or swim, and we have to not let this kind of stuff get in the way of our pursuit of a national championship. We all are eagerly awaiting our 6:30 am wake up call, so that we can finally get this tournament kicked off. This is when all the real fun starts.

Baker's Blog #2- Oy Oy! I feel like all we do is eat around here. We get up around 8:30 for breakfast at 9. We practice for a few hours, and then go to lunch. Then we have a team function or something and then dinner. Then we'll participate in something else and by about 10pm I'm hungry again.

Not that I am complaining about this, but I have never eaten so good or so much in all my life. Needless to say, Omaha knows good food. We had a really good day today. Our team is very focused, yet there is a relaxed type atmosphere which brings out the best in each player. We all know what we bring to the team and do not try and do more. We're just us, and that's good enough to beat anyone out there.

We ate at Millard's Roadhouse, and of course, more filet mignon. It's a pretty home style restaurant with great service. After lunch, we were on our own for the evening. A few guys and I decided to head to the stadium and watch the UCLA - Florida game. It is amazing to see how passionate these fans are about college baseball. I can't say enough about what a great opportunity and privilege it is to play in this final CWS at Rosenblatt.

It was a great game and fun to see some of the new guy's reaction to the whole event. I know they are excited as am I to get this series going. We have a great task at hand tomorrow with Clemson. They are coached well and play an aggressive style of baseball. Hope all the Devil faithful not with us in Omaha cheers loud as we take on Clemson tomorrow at 4 Arizona Time.

Baker's Blog #1- Ahhh... feels good to be back in Omaha! After a suspenseful Super Regional, the Devils prevailed in two games against a tough Arkansas Razorback team. Tip your caps to them and never backing down. It was a great way to send the fans out with a win at Packard. The fans were amazing, and we are gonna need all the support to continue in Omaha. It has been a real pleasure to play in front of the best fans in the country. There is not a tougher place to play than Packard, and without question the fans are a major factor. Hopefully we can continue to play great baseball until the last out and bring them home a National Championship!

Thursday morning we left Arizona and headed for Omaha. We were fortunate enough to have a chartered flight and first class treatment. Gatorades on the reg, snacks on the reg, Hot chocolate chip cookies on the reg, you name it, we had it and it was awesome.

We arrived in Omaha around 2 pm local time. We got on the bus and headed to the hotel to check in, change, and get ready for an afternoon practice. It is a real treat to go to practice and see about 50 fans outside the fence trying to get a home run or foul ball. It was a great practice, but by the time it was over we had built up quite the appetite.

Later that night we went to Upstream, a local restaurant. We ate like royalty. Steaks on the reg, calamari on the reg, shrimp on the reg, prime rib on the reg.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel where we could finally relax and get ready for the next day. As fun as it is here in Omaha, we are here to finish off this whole journey. The funnest thing I can think of happening here would be hoisting up the World Series trophy. Gotta get some rest for tomorrow.

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