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Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 06/05/2005
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June 5, 2005

UNLV Quotes

UNLV Head Coach Buddy Gouldsmith
On the big inning by Coastal Carolina:
"(Big innings) victimized us all weekend. Even yesterday, we were a victim of it even as well as Derek (Rodriguez) pitched. We have to get better at doing damage control in those types of innings. We talked all year about you never know which run will win the game and, today, it was the eleventh run of the game that won it, the seventh of that inning, and if we had been able to diffuse it sooner, we may have come out on top. I think we went through three pitchers in that inning and couldn't find anybody to make outs and we couldn't make any plays to get us out of it. It's unfortunate, but that's the way the game is.

"College baseball in general, and this year was no different, is about trying to diffuse the big inning. If you look at 90% of college games, the team that scores the most in the big inning is the team that wins the game. It's remarkable how successful the teams are that have the biggest innings. We've been on the other end of those games before when we've had the big inning, but as a defense and as a club, all you are trying to do is diffuse it and do damage control. Whether it be three runs or four runs, you try to stop it at five. But it didn't seem like any thing could go right and all the balls fell in. To their credit, they made the plays and made things happen. They are a good club and that's why they came in here as the number one seed."

On being content with reaching a Regional:
"There are no moral victories in this program; we are not content by any means. We felt really good about being here and comfortable with the region that we were in. We really felt like, coming off the victories we did at the end of the year, we had a chance to win. Our offense gave us a great chance and we went out and hit the ball all weekend long against good clubs. We saw a pitcher on Friday night that I would throw against anyone and we managed to hit him around pretty good. There's nothing like doing it and there's something to be said for reaching a regional for the third consecutive time, but I don't walk away from it feeling content by any means by just being here. I look forward to getting back to this point a year from now and taking our chances with the guys that are on our club and have been able to benefit from the groundwork and foundation that our seniors have laid. We'll come back here with even more confidence and the ability to play even better in this situation."

UNLV Sophomore Catcher Justin Tellam:
On the pitching:
"Our pitchers threw the best they could. They did a pretty good job of staying around the zone, but they just couldn't get the calls."

UNLV Sophomore Infielder Chris Bonnell:
On his homerun in the first inning:
"It was early. It was the first inning so I didn't really know how the game was going to turn out. I was just glad that I got a good pitch to hit and put my team ahead early and left it up to the pitchers to see what they could do with the lead. Unfortunately it didn't go our way today."

On getting in a groove:
"I like hitting here. It's fun and it's always good when you get in a groove and can help your ball club out."

On next season:
"There are a lot of expectations now. We started off real rough this year and we made it to a regional. We expected to win the regional. Next year we're going to expect to make a regional and go to a super regional. Expectations are high now. We're kind of at that point in the program where you're expected to perform. It's going to be exciting next year."

UNLV Senior Infielder Zeke Parraz:
On meeting the team's expectations:
"I'd have to say we came into this regional with a lot of confidence. How many times did we say we loved our draw and thought we could take it? We really saw ourselves going to the super regional. We really saw that in our sights. Last year I think we met our expectations. This year we had a good year for how we started. It was a rough start and to battle back the way we did showed a lot of character. It was a good year."

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