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WBB Moneymaker
Wrestling ST
WBB Moneymaker
Men's Basketball Degrees Earned (1990-Present)
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 05/28/2004
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Jon Gilling, B.A., Communications (2015)
Shaq Mckissic, B.G.S., Bachelor General Studies (2015)
Sai Tummala, B.S., Biological Sciences, Animal Physiology and Behavior/Honors College (2015)

Bo Barnes, B.A., Business Communication (2014)/Masters of Liberal Studies (2015)
Jordan Bachynski, B.A., Business Communication (2014)
Jermaine Marshall, Masters of Liberal Studies (2014)
Jarett Upchurch, B.A., Business Communication (2014)
Dave Whitmore, B.S., Management (2014)

Chris Colvin, B.S., Sociology (2013)
Richie Edwards, B.I.S., Communication/History (2013)
Evan Gordon, B.I.S., Business/Communication (2013)
Ruslan Pateev, B.S., Family and Human Development( 2013)
Joseph Hormes, B.S., Communications (2013)

Brandon Dunson, B.I.S, Business/Communications (2012)
Lester Neal, Bachelor of Liberal Studies (2012)
Carrick Felix, B.S., Communication (2012)/Masters of Liberal Studies (2013)
Trent Lockett, B.A., Business Communication (2012)
Alton Mason, B.I.S., Family Studies/Sociology (2012)

Ty Abbott, B.S., Sociology (2011)
Rihards Kuksiks, B.I.S., Communication/Sociology (2011)
Jamelle McMillan, B.S., Communications (2011)

Derek Glasser, B.S., Communications (2010)
Jerren Shipp, B.I.S., Exercise and Wellness/Sociology (2010)

Rodger Farrington, B.S., Justice Studies (2009)
Eric Boateng, B.A., Global Studies (2009)

Jeff Pendergraph, B.S., Economics (2008)
Antwi Atuahene, B.I.S., Communications and Mass Communications (2008)

Bruno Claudino, B.I.S., Education and Sociology (2007)
Kyle Dodd, B.A., Sociology (2007)
Shawn Redhage, B.S., Construction (2007)

Allen Morill, B.I.S., Education and Theatre (2006)
Robby Alridge, B.A., Sociology (2006)
Serge Angounou, B.A., Spanish (2006)
Jonathan Howard, B.S., Business Management (2006)
Kevin Kruger, B.S., Justice Studies (2006)
Curtis Millage, B.I.S., Education and Family Studies (2006)
Jeremy Veal, B.S.W., Social Work (2006)

Jason Braxton, B.I.S., Business and Psychology (2005)

Jamie Andrisevic, B.S., Finance (2004)
Kenny Crandall, B.I.S., Business and Communications (2004)

Justin Allen, B.S., Justice Studies (2003)
Brandon Goldman, B.S., Management (2003)
Tyson Johnston, B.A., Sociology (2003)

Brad Nahra, B.I.S., Business and Communications (2002)
Chad Prewitt, B.I.S., Business and Communications (2002)

Jay Knollmiller, B.A., Spanish (2001)
Awvee Storey, B.I.S., Sociology (2001)

Jeramy Ivener, B.S., Computer Science (2000)
Brian O'Neal, B.A., Broadcasting (2000)

Ron DuBois, B.A., Education/Secondary Education (1999)
Okeme Oziwo, B.S.W., Social Work (1999)

Mark Becker, B.A., Mathematics (1998)
Urit Kelly, B.S.W., Social Work (1998)
Ahlon Lewis, B.S.W., Social Work (1998)
Emory Lewis, B.A., Mathematics (1998)
Bobby Lazor, B.S., Marketing (1998)
Lamar Richardson, B.S.W., Social Work (1998)

Carlos Artis, B.A., Sociology (1997)
Alex Austin, B.S., Exercise Science/Physical Education (1997)
Joe Caldwell, B.A., Education (1997)
Quincy Brewer, B.S.W., Social Work (1997)
Matt Holman, B.S., Economics (1997)

Robert Conlisk, B.S., Justice Studies (1996)
Eli Lopez, B.A., Education/ Secondary Education (1996)

James Bacon, B.S.W., Social Work (1995)

Wun Versher, B.S., Recreation (1993)

Jim Nelson, B.S., Spanish (1992)

Matt Anderson, B.A., Chinese; B.S., Business (1991)
Quinton Reece, B.S., Marketing (1991)
Tarence Wheeler, B.S., Justice Studies (1991)

Mike Redhair, B.S., Business Administration (1990)

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