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Sun Devil Men's Golf All-Time Medalists
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 03/15/2007
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UPDATED 5/1/16

Phil Mickelson (1988-92), 16
Jon Rahm (2012-16), 10

Billy Mayfair (1984-88), 8
Alejandro Canizares (2002-06), 6
Charlie Gibson (1972-75), 6
Paul Casey (1997-2000), 6
Todd Demsey (1991-95), 5
Howard Twitty (1969-72), 4
Scott Watkins (1977-79), 4
Dan Croonquist (1976-79), 4

Jon Rahm (Sr.), 2016 Pac-12 Championship (April 29-May 1)
Jon Rahm (Sr.), 2016 ASU Thunderbird Invitational (April 2-3)
Jon Rahm (Sr.), 2015 Tavistock Invitational (Oct. 18-20)

Jon Rahm (Jr.), 2015 NCAA San Diego Regional (May 14-16)
John Rahm (Jr.), 2015 ASU Thunderbird Invitational (Apr. 3-4)
Jon Rahm (Jr.), 2015 Duck Invitational (Mar. 23-24)
Broc Johnson (Sr.), 2015 Loyola Golf Invite (Feb. 22-24)
Max Rottluff (Jr.), 2015 Arizona Intercollegiate (Jan. 26-27)
Jon Rahm (Jr.), 2014 Bill Cullum Invitational (Oct. 20-21)
Max Rottluff (Jr.), 2014 Alister MacKenzie Invitational (Oct. 13-14)

Jon Rahm (So.), 2014 ASU Thunderbird Invitational (Mar. 21-23)
Jon Rahm (Fr.), 2013 San Diego Classic (Mar. 11-12)
Jon Rahm (Fr.), 2012 Bill Cullum Invitational (Oct. 21-22)

Spencer Fletcher (Sr./co-medalist), 2011 Bill Cullum Invitational (Sept. 17-18)

Jesper Kennegard, 2010 Southern Highland Intercollegiate
Jesper Kennegard, 2009 NCAA West Regional
Stephan Gross (co-medalist), 2009 ASU Thunderbird Invitational
Tristan Bierenbroodspot, 2008 Bill Cullum Invitational (fall)
Jesper Kennegard (Fr.), 2008 Hawaii Hilo Intercollegiate
Benjamin Alvarado Holley, 2007 NCAA West Regional
Niklas Lemke, 2007 National Invitational Tournament
Niklas Lemke, 2006 Illini Invitational
Alejandro Canizares (lost playoff), 2006 Arizona/Ping Intercollegiate
Pat Moore, 2005 U.S. Intercollegiate
Alejandro Canizares, 2005 Puerto Rico Classic
Alejandro Canizares, 2005 Arizona/PING Intercollegiate
Alejandro Canizares, 2004 Big Ten/Pac-10 Challenge
Alejandro Canizares, 2004 ASU Thunderbird Invitational
Alejandro Canizares (Fr.), 2003 NCAA Championship
Alejandro Canizares (Fr.), 2003 National Invitational Tournament
Matt Jones, 2001 NCAA West Regional
Jeff Quinney, 2001 UNLV Rebel Classic
Paul Casey, 2000 Pacific-10 Championship
Paul Casey, 2000 ASU Thunderbird/SAVANE Invitational
Jeff Quinney, 1999 NCAA West Regional
Paul Casey, 1999 Pacific-10 Conference Championship
Jeff Quinney, 1999 ASU Thunderbird/SAVANE Invitational
Matt Jones (lost playoff), 1999 Oregon Invitational
Greg Padilla, 1999 Topy Cup
Paul Casey (Fr.), 1998 NCAA West Regional
Paul Casey (Fr.), 1998 Pacific-10 Conference Championship
Paul Casey (Fr.), 1998 USC/Cleveland Southwest Invitational
Scott Johnson, 1997 Pacific-10 Conference Championship
Chris Hanell, 1997 Golf Digest Collegiate
Brad Cannon (lost playoff), 1997 Oregon Invitational
Darren Angel (Fr.), 1995 Ping Preview
Todd Demsey, 1995 ASU Thunderbird Intercollegiate
Chris Hanell, 1995 Taylor Made/Big Island Intercollegiate
Joey Snyder (lost playoff), 1995 Mauna Kea Collegiate Invitational
Larry Barber (lost playoff), 1994 The Perry Maxwell
Chris Stutts (lost playoff), 1994 Pacific-10 Conference Championship
Todd Demsey, 1994 U.S. Intercollegiate
Larry Barber, 1994 ASU Thunderbird Intercollegiate
Todd Demsey, 1994 Nike Southwestern Intercollegiate
Larry Barber, 1994 Oregon Invitational
Todd Demsey, 1993 NCAA Championship
Todd Demsey (lost playoff), 1993 Pacific-10 Conference Championship
Chris Stutts (lost playoff), 1993 Ping/Arizona Intercollegiate
Todd Demsey, 1993 Taylor Made/Big Island
Larry Barber (lost playoff), 1993 Red River Classic


Phil Mickelson, 1992 NCAA Championship
Phil Mickelson, 1992 Sun Devil Thunderbird
Phil Mickelson, 1992 Golf Digest Intercollegiate
Mickelson/Brett Dean, 1991 UNLV Rebel Classic
Phil Mickelson, 1991 Golf World/Palmetto Dunes
Phil Mickelson, 1991 Sun Devil Thunderbird
Phil Mickelson, 1991 Morris Williams Intercollegiate
Phil Mickelson, 1991 Golf Digest Intercollegate
Phil Mickelson (lost playoff), 1990 Golf World Palmetto Dunes
Phil Mickelson (lost playoff), 1990 Red River Classic
Brett Dean, 1990 UNLV Rebel Classic
Phil Mickelson, 1990 CU Fox Acres
Phil Mickelson, 1990 NCAA Championship
Phil Mickelson, 1990 Pac-10 Championship
Jim Lemon, 1990 Morris Williams Intercollegiate
Per Johansson, 1990 Ping Arizona Intercollegiate
Phil Mickelson, 1990 U.S. Japan Intercollegiate
Phil Mickelson, 1989 UNLV Rebel Classic
Phil Mickelson (Fr.), 1989 NCAA Championship
Phil Mickelson (Fr.), 1989 Forest Hills Invitational
Phil Mickelson (Fr.), 1989 Fresno State Classic

Billy Mayfair, 1987 UNLV Golf Classic
Billy Mayfair, 1987 Southwestern Cup
Billy Mayfair, 1987 Stanford U.S. Intercollegiate
Billy Mayfair, 1987 Henry Hombert Intercollegiate
Billy Mayfair, 1987 Rafael Alarcon Intercollegiate
Billy Mayfair, 1987 John Burns Intercollegiate
Billy Mayfair, 1987 Michelob National Invitational
Billy Mayfair, 1986 Stanford Fall Invitational
Tom Stankowski, 1986 San Francisco Intercollegiate
Tom Stankowski, 1986 Butler National Intercollegiate
Rich Bietz, 1985 U.S. International Intercollegiate
Rich Bietz, 1985 Pacific Fall Invitational
Mike Loustalot, 1985 Arizona Intercollegiate
Jim Carter, 1984 Arizona Intercollegiate
Jim Carter, 1984 Sun Devil-Phoenix Thunderbird
Jim Carter, 1983 NCAA Championship
Roger Thorn, 1983 Arizona Collegiate
Scott Harris, 1982 Arizona Collegiate
Dan Forsman, 1980 Southwestern Intercollegiate
Dennis Ledonne, 1981 Arizona Intercollegiate
Tony Grimes/Forsman, 1981 Pacific-10 Championship
Jim Bertoncino, 1980 Pacific-10 Championship
Eddie Kilthau, 1980 Arizona Intercollegiate
Scott Watkins, 1979 All American Classic
Scott Watkins, 1979 Western Intercollegiate
Scott Watkins, 1978 Arizona Collegiate
Watkins/Croonquist, 1979 Pacific-10 Championship
David Lee, 1979 Southwestern Intercollegiate
Alex Petric, 1979 Arizona Intercollegiate
Dan Croonquist, 1978 New Mexico State Invitational
Dan Croonquist, 1978 University of the Pacific Invitational
Dan Croonquist, 1976 Bevo Intercollegiate
Tom Gray, 1978 WAC Championship
Mark Mattingly, 1978 Roughrider Invitational
Mark Mattingly, 1977 New Mexico State Intercollegiate
Mark Mattingly, 1977 ASU Fall Invitational
Bill Loeffler, 1977 Aztec Invitational
Bill Loeffler, 1977 Arizona Intercollegiate
Alex Petric, 1977 Roughrider Invitational
Lee Mikles, 1976 ASU Fall Invitational
Charlie Gibson, 1975 Pan American Invitational
Charlie Gibson, 1975 Sandpiper Intercollegiate
Charlie Gibson, 1975 Arizona Collegiate
Tom Evans, 1974 Fall Invitational
Charlie Gibson, 1974 New Mexico State Intercollegiate
Charlie Gibson, 1973 Cal Riverside Invitational
Tom Purtzer, 1973 Arizona Collegiate
Tom Purtzer, 1971 Arizona Collegiate
Bob Gilder, 1973 WAC Championship
Mark Sollenberger, 1973 Sun Devil - Thunderbird
Rocky Waitt, 1973 ASU Fall Festival
Twitty/Gibson, 1972 Arizona Collegiate
Howard Twitty, 1972 Aztec Spring Invitational
Howard Twitty, 1971 Corbitt Classic
Howard Twitty, 1970 Tucson Conquistadores
Paul Purtzer, 1969 Sun Devil-Thunderbird
Mike Morley, 1967 Sun Devil-Thunderbird
Dave Hanten, 1967 WAC Championship
George Boutell, 1966 Cougar Classic
Ted Lyford, 1964 WAC Championship
Rex Wilsen, 1960 Border Conference Championship
Rex Wilsen, 1959 Border Conference Championship
Dirk Prather, 1958 Border Conference Championship
Stan Hobert, 1958 Northern California Intercollegiate
Duff Lawrence, 1957 Border Conference Championship

Jon Rahm (Jr.), 2015 NCAA San Diego Regional (May 14-16)

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