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QUOTES: Carson on Return to ASU
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 04/09/2013
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April 9, 2013

Freshman guard Jahii Carson

On choosing to return to Arizona State:
"This whole process has just been really exciting but tough at the same time. I've been constantly with the coaching staff and with my family every day just coming to the best conclusion with the best outcome for me. I just decided to continue my career as a Sun Devil. My teammates have been great, the coaching staff has been excellent, everybody here at ASU, I just feel welcome every time I step on campus. I like the way I feel when I step on campus and hang out with everybody here at Arizona State. I just think it’s the best thing for me to do, to continue to try to build a legacy here and be the best Sun Devil I can be.”

On the decision making process:
“[I consulted] my mom, of course, my dad, Coach Herb Sendek, of course, Coach Eric Musselman, Coach Larry Greer—those are the people who stuck by me the whole time throughout my whole time at Arizona State so I feel like they’re the most important people that could help me with that important decision.”

On the NBA's assessment:
“It was really more my decision. I had positive feedback. I was happy with everything. I just feel like it was the best thing for me to come back and try to continue something here at Arizona State that I started. I try to keep my circle close and keep my family and friends and coaching staff involved because I feel that they have my best interests at heart and those are the people I wanted to consult with.”

On players he models his game after:
“I always look at the top guards who are coming out and the previous guard who came out before me and try to see how they did it, what they based their career off of, and who’s successful in the NBA and who is not. That’s definitely something I like to try and look at. I also look at the guys who have been successful in college as well. I also took that into consideration when I was making my decision as well.” 

On making the decision:
“I just took some time after the season to try to get some space, just to take some time, get some quiet, to get some shots up, and just be a normal kid for once. People were talking to me about the NBA for a while, even during-season, even when I was continually just trying to have the best outcome for the season, and people were talking to me about it after the season. I just wanted some time to try to get away with myself, but as the moment started coming up I started talking to my parents and coaching staff about it and I came to a decision.” 

On growing as a player:
“I think I have a lot of things I need to work on, just basically for myself. A player knows what he needs to work on more than a lot of people do. I want to try to capitalize on the small things first, by making free throws. I feel like, in a couple of games this past season, we had an opportunity to seal some games with some free throws. That’s an easy way that great players can score easy buckets is capitalizing on the free-throw line like James Harden did here early on.  That’s one of the things I’d like to work on. Also, more of a consistent jump shot and penetrating and kicking more, trying to get my teammates the ball a little bit more, which I think causes it to make it easy for me to get buckets.” 

On next year:
“Since we had a little bit of a successful season this year I think we know what it takes a little bit more to be successful. I think we’re going to be a bit grittier, not take things for granted, and just build on the positive chemistry and the positive energy we had this year. I know we lose Carrick Felix, but a lot of people forget that Carrick wasn’t the same player last year that he was. He worked extremely hard. We’re going to try to take a page out of his book and just continue to try to work hard and build something here.”

On focusing on his game:
“I was really focused on my own expectations and how I can play, because I have to look at myself every day. I wasn’t worried about anybody else. I just had to go out there and play the best that I could. I stepped up tremendously in a lot of games in which I surprised myself. I just know that in big moments I like to try to step up and be the best that I can be.”


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