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Athletics Coaching Staff
Brian Johnson
Athletic Grounds Facilities Manager
Coach Info:
Position: Athletic Grounds Facilities Manager

Hometown? Red Wing Minnesota

Where did you go to school?Mankato State University

Past career experience? Only a Sun Devil

Something I have not done, but I will... Hike in the Himilayas

What is your biggest pet peeve? Over spray on football logos

Typically, I am in bed and lights are out at... Asleep in the recliner at 10. Bed at 1 am

Last book I read... The Bible

If you could live during any time period what/where would it be and why? 50's. Watch baseball in some great old stadiums

Last non-sporting event I went to (concert, etc.)... Bruce Springsteen

Who is your favorite Sun Devil of all time? Kevin Higgins

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