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Dec. 11, 1997

Letter from Sun Angel Foundation President Don Bocchi

Dear Sun Angels:

The regular season portion of the 1997 Sun Devil Football schedule has come to an end. It was like most seasons, in that we experienced both joy and disappointment. I hope that you share my opinion that the joy far overshadowed the disappointment of November 28th.

It is most important to me that you understand that as Sun Angeles you did much in 1997 to help the Sun Devils succeed. You were a vital part of this team. As boosters, you helped Coach Snyder and company to a successful 8-3 season and to the achievement of a second straight bowl appearance. Representing everyone associated with the team, the ASU Department of Athletics and Arizona State University, I thank you for all that you did.

Our season continues with a trip to the Sun Bowl. We need to go to El Paso in significant numbers to support this team and advance the program. In 1998 we will be a top-ten program. We do not want to be viewed in the same light as UCLA this year. They are ranked 5th in the nation and were shut out of an Alliance Bowl appearance because UCLA has the reputation of not traveling to bowl games to support their team.

Our most recent Bowl history shows great support for the 1987 and 1997 Rose Bowls, but a disappointing effort in the 1987 Freedom Bowl. It is now time to change that image, especially if we want our program to take the major step to national prominence each and every year.

If it is your best option, I can tell you that the five-and-a-half hour drive to El Paso is as easy as driving to Los Angeles. In fact, it might be easier due to the lack of congestion. I have driven to both destinations within the last year and assure you of the correctness of my statement.

We need you to attend the game. Accordingly, we have canceled the December 12 deadline to apply for tickets. Tickets will be on sale through December 30. We are responsible for selling 8,000 tickets - it would be great to request more. We could do that. Let's go to the game, support our team and have some fun!

If you need help with your travel plans or information regarding El Paso and the Sun Bowl, please call our office at 279-3585. We will be glad to help as much as possible.

If you can't possibly one or two tickets at $35.00 each and donate them to the Sun Angel Foundation. We will credit your donation, take your donated seat and give them to ASU students to encourage them to make the trip to El Paso to support the Sun Devils.

We need to win in this situation and we are counting on your support. We need to act fast, especially on the pledge of donated tickets, so that we might get them to interested students.

On last thought...we are at the top of the hill. We need one final push...a great showing at the Sun Bowl. The payoffs will be huge...a sold out Sun Devil Stadium to open the 1998 season with a victory over Washington. What will follow is the 1998 Pac-10 Championship for the Sun Devils and hopefully a bid to the 1999 Fiesta Bowl for a shot at the National Championship. I firmly believe that these will be our rewards and they are within reach if we keep working and supporting OUR TEAM. You have been the best, but even the best can get better!

Also, from everyone at the Sun Angel Foundation and the Arizona State University Department of Athletics, we wish you and your family a most joyful Holiday Season.

See You In El Paso!

Don Bocchi, President
Sun Angel Foundation

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