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Sun Devil On The Spot: Brandon Dunson - Arizona State Sun Devils
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    Sun Devil On The Spot: Brandon Dunson

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    Welcome to the first addition of Sun Devil on the Spot! Each week, Pitchfork Posts will try to interview a different student-athlete to give you an inside look at his or her life. First up, we have junior point guard Brandon Dunson. Brandon, who is majoring in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in business and communications, is a junior college transfer in his first year at ASU. Without further ado, here is our interview with Brandon.    

    Pitchfork Posts: You were born in California...
    Brandon Dunson: Yeah Los Angeles, but I moved to Illinois when I was really young.
    PP: So you don't remember living in California? Is most your family still out there?
    BD: No but I used to come out every summer and hang out for about a month with cousins in Los Angeles. I've got family everywhere, a lot in LA, a lot in Oakland and Illinois.
    PP: How was your first "warm" Christmas then?
    BD: I liked it a lot. I think my parents, and if my brother's around, are going to come out here for Christmas next year.
    PP: What's been the biggest adjustment moving to a different state?
    BD: Honestly, one of the biggest adjustments to me was the U-Turns. Being aware of everyone driving. I don't think there was any big-time adjustment. The weather was probably the biggest but I like the weather.
    PP: What do you mean about U-Turns?
    BD: You can't U-Turn out there (in Illinois), so I'm not aware of people doing U-Turns. I almost got in a wreck one time. Someone did a U-Turn and I wasn't paying attention.
    PP: Yikes, it can be scary on the road... What about the transition to Pac-10 basketball from JUCO?
    BD:It's a lot different; it's a lot more detail. If you think you're playing hard, you're not playing your hardest. You have to play even harder than that and I think that's the biggest thing, that and the level of detail.
    PP: You've picked up a lot more playing time recently, what can you attribute to that?
    BD: Probably just working hard, staying and working hard. Getting more comfortable with the system and the different positions.
    PP: Was it hard not getting the playing time early on?
    BD: Yeah, it's always tough. You just got keep working hard and keep a good attitude and eventually things will work out.
    PP: What's been your favorite road trip so far?
    BD: Alaska was a nice one, just because I've never been to that area. I mean... it was cold up there. I've traveled around the country so it was nice to be some place I hadn't been before.
    PP: What road trip are you looking forward to?
    BD: Los Angeles. I'll see some old friends and family. All my family is coming out for the Pac-10 tournament too.
    PP: Who do you room with on the road?
    BD: Kyle Cain. (Big smile) Yeah, I love Kyle. I've known Kyle probably since he was about 15. I met him at a basketball camp out in Illinois. He's a funny guy. (laughs)
    PP: There are quite a few of you guys on Twitter. Does it make you guys closer?
    BD: I think it does. Jokes all around. It's really fun.
    PP: So many athletes have been getting on social media lately. Do you think it's an important thing?
    BD: I don't think it's an important thing... I think it's something that's fun and helps to show people that might not ever see you outside of basketball a different side of your personality. You just have to be careful about anything you say.
    PP: You have a blog too?
    BD: I haven't written that much since season started because I'm trying to focus on season. I'm going to try to write more after season.
    PP: What made you start to write it?
    BD: I had to for one of my classes, it was a sports marketing class. He had us doing a blog about something and I just kept at it...
    PP: Have you been to many of the other sporting events at ASU?
    BD: Yeah, I've been to volleyball, football, women's basketball...
    PP: Which one is your favorite?
    BD: Football, so much energy.
    PP: Which student-athlete, outside of your own team, has impressed you the most?
    BD: Dymond Simon. She's a wizard with the ball. She's tough. I like her game.
    PP: What are some of your goals while you're here at ASU?
    BD: Of course to graduate. I'm trying to graduate first semester of next year. Everyone wants to be successful individually but I want to be successful as a team too. I'd like to build some networking while I'm out here as well.
    PP: Doug Tammaro (Men's Basketball SID) sent me a link of your dad dunking. (Click here for video) Do you think you're the only NCAA player that has a dad that can dunk?
    BD: I don't know if he's the only one, but I don't think there are many of them. He still gets out there and dunks around. He plays with us all the time and college kids. He runs a recreation center that runs basketball leagues. Whenever we're home in the summer we always have open gym and we get University of Illinois, Illinois State, and Bradley players and my dad runs with us too. A lot of times he's out there killing us.
    PP: Do you think you'll be able to dunk at his age?
    BD: I hope so; I hope I am. His goal is to dunk when he's 60.
    PP: (Laughs) That would be awesome. Maybe he could go in the Guinness Book of World Records.
    BD: Yeah
    PP: We asked our Facebook fans to send us some questions they would like to ask you. I have two that I'm going to ask you. Jonathan Garrison asked, 'What game are you most eager to play this season?'
    BD: UCLA, just because it was a school I always followed growing up. Being from that area and I have a friend that's a point guard on that team.
    PP: Who?
    BD: Lazeric Jones, we were JUCO rivals. He's a good guy. I'm looking forward to that game.
    PP: Steve Guy and Shane Pederson asked similar questions. Basically, "What's the best part of coming to ASU and being a Sun Devil so far?"
    BD: The fan support, I love basketball here and the system. I love the area, basically I just love everything about Tempe, Arizona and ASU. From the people to the basketball aspect to the weather to everything, I just love it out here.
    PP: Well we're glad to have you out here too. Thanks Brandon.
    BD: Thank you.

    Hope you enjoyed the first addition of "Sun Devil On The Spot". Be sure to check back in next Thursday.
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