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Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
A Look Back At ASU Pro Day
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 03/07/2014
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TEMPE, Ariz. - Twenty-five Sun Devils, including 19 from the 2013 team and six from past teams, competed in ASU's annual Pro Day on March 7. The participants began the day inside the weight room with the vertical jump, broad jump and bench press before they moved outside to Sun Devil Stadium to run the 40-yard dash, agiility drills and position-specific drills. 

See below for a list of all Sun Devil participants. 

Draft Eligible

Name  Position 
Alonzo Agwuenu        Wide Receiver 
Carl Bradford             Linebacker
Davon Coleman Defensive Line
Gannon Conway Defensive End
Chris Coyle Tight End
Alden Darby  Safety
Evan Finkenberg Offensive Line
Marion Grice Running Back
Osahon Irabor Cornerback
Anthony Jones Linebacker
Steffon Martin Linebacker
Robert Nelson Cornerback
Kevin Ozier Wide Receiver 
Marlon Pollard Defensive Back
Darwin Rogers Tight End
Jake Sheffield Defensive Tackle 
Will Sutton Defensive Line
Grandville Taylor Linebacker
Chris Young Linebacker



Name  Position 
Derek Hagan              Wide Receiver 
Robert James  Linebacker
LeQuan Lewis Wide Receiver
Ryan McFoy Safety
Justin Tryon Defensive Back
Mike Willie Wide Receiver 






Q&A with a handful of the Sun Devils who particapted in ASU's Pro Day


LB Carl Bradford 

On how pro day went: “It went very well. I came out here and showed that I can still be fluent in my 40 and do the drills, and show that I can also drop back as a linebacker rather than showing my pass rush moves.”

On if going through the combine helped him today: “It definitely did. It kind of kept me alert. I was teaching everyone else what to do and what not to do.”

On the most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “I would say beating UA every time. It’s a big rival. I don’t like them people down south. Every chance I got to beat them was a good moment.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “Who I like and want to resemble is Von Miller. Just coming from that passing rush edge and showing his speed leaning on the edge. I want to channel his moves and his style of play.”


DL Davon Coleman

On how pro day went: “It went really well. I wasn’t 100 percent as far as running wise, but work out wise I gave it my all and some guys really noticed that.”

On the most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “That’s probably the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. The touchdown I got was a great experience. To get in the end zone as a defensive lineman is always a good thing.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “I really don’t think anybody. I really have my own game so I’ll say myself.”


S Alden Darby

On how pro day went: “It went really good. I’m pleased with everything. I felt like I came here and did what I wanted to do.”

On what he wanted to show the scouts today: “That I’m fluent in my hips and that my back pedal and hands are great. I wanted to just go to position work and show them that I’m good at that.”

On the most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “Just beating UA and celebrating with my team, especially after my senior year. It felt great.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “I love the way Richard Sherman plays, even though he’s a corner and I play safety. But I can play corner as well. I just love the way he plays. His swagger. His attitude. His character. A lot of people have him marked down as a bad guy, but man the guy’s worth ethic is off the charts. I love his style of play.”


RB Marion Grice 

On how pro day went: “Pro day was fun. I have to stay positive. I got to come out here and do some position work so it was fun.”

On bouncing back from an injury: “It has been okay. I’m staying positive everyday and pushing myself for the most part. I got cleared and I’m working extremely hard. I’m just trying to get back and give all the scouts an opportunity to give me a shot.”

On the most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “The Wisconsin game when I scored four touchdowns.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone but some of the guys I play similar to are the (Matt) Forte-type guys. I play similar to him because of the fact that he’s a back that comes out of the backfield to catch the ball. I’m similar to him but I wouldn’t compare my game to him.”


CB Osahon Irabor 

On how pro day went: “It was a good day, not a great day. I wanted it to be great but you got to live with that and take it. The position drills went really well. I thought I showed them I could move, break, change directions and make a play on the ball. That was a huge positive for me.”

On the most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “I’m going to say beating UCLA this past season at the Rose Bowl to clinch the south. That’s the first time we won a championship of any caliber since I’ve been here. So winning the south was a huge moment for me personally and for the program as a whole.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “I would say Darrelle Revis just because he wasn’t blazing fast but he was a technician and just a talented football player. He didn’t run a blazing time but he’s just a great player.”


DB Robert Nelson

On how pro day went: “I think it went great for the most part. The DB drills went great. My 40-yard time was great and my shuttle and everything like that felt better.”

On the most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “The UA game, when we went down there. I caught an interception to clinch the game and against Oregon State on this field I got two interceptions, including one for a touchdown to clinch the game.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “Deion Sanders isn’t in the league but I’d have to say Deion. That’s one guy I’ve been watching since I was knee high. Also, Patrick Peterson and the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu. He is a small guy but he makes big plays. The statement that he lays down is that it doesn’t matter how big you are, it matters how big your heart is. I think that I make big plays and big tackles; I had a lot of tackles this year for a small corner.”


LB Chris Young

On how pro day went: “It went pretty good. I hit the times I wanted to hit. Overall it went pretty good.”

On what he wanted to show the scouts today: “That I can have fluent foot work and that I can move for as big as I am. I just came out and did the best I could.”

The most memorable moment in a Sun Devil Uniform: “Playing in the Rose Bowl against UCLA. I feel like we all came together and to experience something like that as a team was pretty amazing.”

On whom he would compare himself to in the NFL: “I don’t really know but I just hope that they see me for the player that I am and like what I did.” 

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