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ASU-Dartmouth Quotes
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 05/16/2014
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Craig Nicholson opening statement:

"Obviously we got off to a little bit of a slow start in today's game, you know, Dallas did a great job keeping them off the board early."

"I felt like our second time through we started to make some adjustments and our third time through the line-up we really did a great job making some adjustments and scoring some balls up."

Craig Nicholson on run out between third and home

"(Alix) did a great job staying in the run down, probably a base running mistake to start with, but then she's just trying to stay in the run down and let the other two runners move up a base and then ends up finding herself in a spot where she can use her speed and beat somebody to home plate."

Craig Nicholson on young players: 

"They just did a good job of being prepared and making adjustments."

"The first time through the line-up they were the only two that really squared balls up and then obviously did it again later on in the game."

Dallas Escobedo on performance:

"I didn't feel like at my best though kind of just going from the bullpen to the field and trying to just throw hard."

"My back door curve was pretty good, I mean the umpire gave me some good pitches."

"It's kind of maybe a mentality thing, I could feel it within the first five or ten minutes of my bullpen."

"Being able to kind of just stay in it and go at it and then going out to the field is a whole different mentality so being able to just say you know I've been here a million times, just do it, and go at them."

Nikki Girard on facing Michigan tomorrow

"It's another game, we're going to focus on us and if we play ASU softball there is no doubt in my mind we'll come out with a W."

Craig Nicholson on slow start:

"We never try to make it happen."

"They hadn't seen that velocity for the whole PAC 12 season, so they had to make some adjustments."

"Tomorrow we'll see somebody that's more like kind of what we've seen with some of the PAC 12 pitchers that we've faced the last three or four weeks."

"It's a challenge seeing something that you just haven't seen a lot recently."

 "he fact that she is left handed it changes the look just a little bit because we don't have anybody on our staff that's throwing left handed bp."

Nikki Girard on the walk off home run

"My plan was to go get it early and just get a good pitch and drive it."

Chelsea Gonzales on all-star:

"I knew there was a runner at first so I just said get a base hit, try to move the runner over and get a good hit."  

Craig Nicholson on slumps by Haley and Alix:

"They're great players, they'll be fine, at some in this post season those two are going to get some big hits for us and get something done for us." 


Coach Hanson

Opening Statement:

“I’m so proud of our team. My girls battled their guts out today. Really proud of how they competed. They are great hitters and they kind of figured things out and they started pouring it on in the fifth. It escalated pretty quickly. But I couldn’t be more proud of this team.”

On the most difficult thing when playing ASU:

“The consistency of their hitting, the level. We haven’t seen a lineup that stacked and that deep this year. By that third time through they are tough outs. I think that is the biggest thing, they are just on a different level. There is a reason they are top 10 in the country.”

On facing Dallas Escobedo:

“It was exactly what we thought it would be. I really like the way we battled at the plate. It took us a couple innings to get our timing down. She was a little faster than what we have seen lately. Laying off the rise ball and showing that discipline was huge. I think we did a very good job off that. She keeps you off balance. She is a great pitcher.”

On the experience of playing in the postseason for the first time:

“Great experience. Fun to just enjoy this team and watch them play. They earned this opportunity. For me that was fun part. We had a pretty precise plan mapped out over the last 4 years and it is very full filling.”

On being on a national stage:

“It’s been an exciting week and a half leading up to this after winning the championship. Watching this team be excited not to just be here, but to compete. I know that we are going to go to bed, sleep well, and we will be very hungry to go battle San Diego State tomorrow.”

Megan Averitt

On playing in the postseason for the first time: 

“We were exceptionally excited to be here. But we always wanted to compete, we wanted to come here and have fun, but we wanted to give our best and I think we did that today. I’m excited that we represented the Ivy League the way we did. We got to come out and play against Dallas and Arizona State, they are a great team and we really enjoyed it.”

On her single in the third inning:

“I put that hit on the mental attitude we had coming into the game. There wasn’t any pressure. We wanted to play with confidence. We were able to do that and it allowed me to get in the box and get a hit off a pitcher you see on T.V. is great.”

On playing on a national stage:

“It was really cool. Our goal for the season was to win an Ivy League championship and we won a championship, but we did not want to be done. We wanted to represent Dartmouth and represent the Ivy League.”

Kristen Rumley

On playing in the postseason for the first time: 

“We are super excited to be here. This is a first time for us and we are just enjoying every moment of it. We held our own for the first five innings giving Arizona State a run for their money.”

On her performance today:

“I wouldn’t say today was my best game, but you couldn’t tell because of the amazing plays the defense was making behind me. There were so many plays all around. Our team was just competing and I am super proud of them today.”

On playing on T.V. in front of a national audience:

“We are trying to enjoy every moment. We are still in school, but we are still trying to enjoy the moment. Being here in Arizona and our friends back home being able to watch us, that is quite the moment for us.”

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