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Courtesy: Steve Rodriguez
What @SunDevilHoops Player Is Studying To Be Orthopedic Surgeon?
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 07/30/2014
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So what you have you done for past few years that is impressive?

Well, Sun Devil junior Sai Tummala had a class list that included General Genetics, Statistics for Biosciences and Organic Chemistry I and II.

Next up is he is taking Molecular and Cell Foundations. Oh and he has a perfect 4.0.

This Sun Devil is smart. And next up is he will study for the MCAT.

Sai, a local product from Brophy Prep, is studying to be an orthopedic surgeon.

So we asked the smart guy a bunch of questions and his answers ranged from James Harden to Pat Tillman to Southern India to Justin Allen.

Check them out below. Remember, Sun Devil hoops starts practice Oct. 6 and first game is set for Nov. 14!

Best player I have ever played against
...James Harden
Most underrated player in the NBA...Chandler Parsons
Best part about Arizona State...Love the support I get here from faculty to help me achieve my goals.
What do like best about your hometown? It never snows...that is a blessing.
Past Sun Devil athlete (any sport) you wish you could have watched compete...Pat Tillman.
Are you a good dancer? That what I've been told.
What is one of your favorite quotes and why? Sometimes wrong, Never in Doubt. I like this because you always make mistakes in life, but the only way to make it through is to move on with confidence in yourself.
Who has been the biggest influence on your career? My high school coach Tony Fuller.
What did you do growing up that got you into trouble? I used to take karate classes so when I went to school I would always pick fights with people to practice.
What is the most important thing that a parent/grandparent taught you? Work your way to success.
Where is the most interesting vacation spot that you have visited? Southern India.
What was the single-biggest challenge of your life to date? Proving myself as junior college player
What is your favorite road trip destination and why? San Diego; I love La Jolla Beach.
What toppings do you get on your pizza? Pineapple every time.
My breakfast consists of...4 eggs plan scrambled and a smoothie.
Favorite pro athlete...Neymar Jr. (Barcelona).
Most underrated coach you have been around...Justin Allen. He really made me a confident player when no one else believed in me.
Last book I read... Better by Atul Gawande.
What was the first concert you ever attended? Chris Brown.
My favorite month...January because its the birthday month.
Something I have not done, but I will...Backpack Europe.
What is your favorite holiday and why? Christmas because I love having all the family around.
What is your fondest childhood memory? Went to the ASU basketball camp when I was really young and the coach pulled me over and told me that I would have a bright future and would make it if I kept playing hard like I was.
What is your favorite sport to watch? Soccer.
What is your favorite food? Thai Food.
What is the hardest thing that you have ever done? Becoming a Division I basketball player and outworking a lot of people.
What is your favorite candy? Starburst.
One sentence to describe your family... Selfless.
What is a place that you have always wanted to visit? Greek Islands

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