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59th Annual Men's College World Series
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 06/16/2005
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June 16, 2005

Rick Jones, Head Coach, Tulane
Opening Statement:

"This is my 30th year of coaching at various levels and getting to Omaha is the goal. When you top that hill and the kids see the stadium for the first time, it's special. The kids are elated to be here."

On the experience factor:
"We have more veteran players than young guys so I'm not concerned about that. Once you start it's having a hot hand on the bump and playing the game that has a lot more to do with it than experience."

Steve Smith, Head Coach, Baylor
Opening Statement:

"I'm extremely proud of my players. We weren't even in the (NCAA) tournament last year. For me personally to be sitting on this podium with these men (coaches). I have the utmost respect and admiration for these guys. I'm honored to be among them."

On competing against Texas and Coach Garrido:
"There's no question that having to compete with him has made us a better program. I don't think we could have accomplished what we have at Baylor without competing against a team like Texas."

On previous meetings with Texas this season:
"We played Texas four times and won three of them by one run. I can't tell you what Augie said we did to them that other game because I work at a Christian university. They're definitely a different team than the one we are going to face here in a couple of days. They were limping around a little bit."

Augie Garrido, Head Coach, Texas
Opening Statement:

"I'd first like to start off by saying that Ole Miss (Super Regional runner-up) is a potential national championship at home. They are a great team that coach Mike Bianco has put together. We're happy to be here, but from the point of view of Texas, you go to the College World Series and that's when it starts.

On the CWS experience factor:
"I don't think experience scores any runs for you. Once you get here every team takes on a different personality."

Rod Delmonico, Head Coach, Tennessee
Opening Statement:

"We played well down the stretch. Georgia Tech (Super Regional runner-up) is one of the most talented teams we played all year. We were fortunate to play well in that tournament to get here."

On starting pitcher Luke Hochevar:
"He's a very humble guy. He always feels like there is somebody out there that's out working him. He's one of the most focused and by far the hardest-working guy we've ever had."

On the SEC this season:
"It was the most competitive it's been since I've been (at Tennessee) in 16 years. We had nine teams make the tournament. Ole Miss, from top to bottom, was the best team in our league. It wasn't a down year for the league it was the toughest it's ever been."

Pat McMahon, Head Coach, Florida
Opening Statement:

"We're indeed excited to be here in every way. I'd like to congratulate all the schools that are here. College baseball is in a great state."

On the SEC having two teams here this year vs. four last year:
"It was a great league from top to bottom. It shows what other coaches alluded to earlier. With the regional and super regional format, each team takes on a whole new demeanor to get here. That's what makes this game so great."

On playing Tennessee, another SEC team:
"We're excited. We have great respect for them. They are an outstanding ballclub and we get to meet them here again in Omaha. We're excited about it."

Pat Murphy, Head Coach, Arizona State
Opening Statement:

"I'd like to congratulate all teams for being here. When you start thinking about amateur athletics, there is no environment more family friendly and real."

On his team's improvement since playing LSU
"The key is to avoid Louisiana. We were 0-5 (Tulane, LSU) there this season. We don't want any part of Louisiana. We're glad College World Series is not in Louisiana. Our conference is really good. The Pac 10 was strong this year. I think our conference prepared us."

Mike Anderson, Head Coach, Nebraska
Opening Statement:

"We're excited to be one of the eight teams. I think we have a unique story from a team perspective and my perspective. Eleven years ago I was here and went around for a bat company and made sure that Augie Garrido's Cal State Fullerton team had their bats. I watched Pat Murphy - he doesn't know this but I was coaching a high school team and took them to Arizona State to watch batting practice. It's nice to be up here. Not for a second will we think this is just another game. This is special. We will never ever take this for granted."

On fan support
"Nebraska's fan support is incredible. I think the only time we haven't played in front of at least 1,000 fans was when we played at Hawaii-Hilo at the beginning of the season. Since then we've played in front of at least 1,000 fans. We played in this stadium in front of 20,000 fans. We didn't play well, but we played here. We've got a spring time sport that's incredible. There's definitely a following of Husker baseball. The good thing is every team here is going to have that support here in Omaha unless they're playing Nebraska."

On Nebraska's lack of success at the CWS
"I wasn't here as a head coach. We have some experience we can draw upon. We will do some things different than the past. I don't think any of the coaches up there are drawing upon what their teams have done three or four years ago. We're going to draw upon what we've done this year. We've taken this thing with a day-by-day approach and that's what we'll continue to do here."

Pat Casey, Head Coach, Oregon State
Opening Statement:

"Obviously as an institution we are equally happy to be here. I think I'm the only coach that talks to him (Pat Murphy) in America, so I have two teams here. We enjoy playing in the Pac 10. Someone brought me a shirt from here. I said I was never coming here until my team comes with me. I unfolded the shirt last night. Oregon State is proud to have the 25 men representing us on the field."

On the parity of the field:
"We've been doing the things we thought we needed to do to get there. It's difficult when you're not a team that is considered a team that consistently goes to a regional. We thought the easiest way to do it was to win the conference championship. We were bringing in kids that can help us get here. Joining the south in the Pac 10 has helped us - playing teams like Southern California and Stanford. I think it has opened the eyes of people going to college."

On Oregon State's trip to the College World Series
"It happened so fast. I haven't had time to think about it. I know how I felt Sunday, and I felt the total opposite Monday around 5:30 p.m. I believe in the oldest saying that hard works pays off. We don't have any magical players or superstars."

On Tulane
"55 wins is where I start. No. 1 in the country. I'm sure coach could tell us we don't get to see each other much. We just got TV up there in Oregon. I don't know much about them."

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