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Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 06/05/2005
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June 5, 2005

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Arizona State Quotes

Arizona State Head Coach Pat Murphy
On Coastal Carolina:
"They beat Georgia Tech and North Carolina, so to be honest with you, I have no idea what their numbers are. Obviously, the conference they play in is not as strong as the conference we play in. The committee gave them a number one seed and, other than this and USC beating Long Beach, all number one seeds were still alive as of today. The committee knows what they are doing and (Coastal Carolina) has proven that they are a good team. Would they win 50 games if they played our schedule out here? No. Would they win if they played the two games against us? No. We set the tone so early in every game that I don't think that they thought that they could win. They'll probably regret that later on."

On not having to play Game 7:
"Winning this game is huge. It's such a psychological disadvantage to lose this one (and have to come back on Monday). If you lose, you immediately go from the offensive to being on the defensive, especially if you don't have a real experienced club. I just sensed in the middle of the game, based on the mood in the dugout, that we were going to win. I know they said (to themselves) that no matter what happens, we were going to win."

On the effect of the tough season schedule on ASU:
"I think that it is all about the player's mindset at this point in the season. Different things will bring you to this mindset and I don't know that the tough scheduling was the difference maker, but I'll let you know next time we play. I think that it is very important that we have seen this level of competition before. If we go to Fullerton, then so be it. We want that monkey off our back. If we play here or if the committee says we have to go to Arizona, so be it. We've been through everything and we're not going to be shaken up. I still look out there and shake my head (at some of the things we do.) It just kills me."

On the possibility of facing UA:
"Based on the head-to-head competition this year, even though we beat them in 10 straight years, (Arizona) kicked our butts this year. They destroyed us and I think they should play it down there if that is what is decided. When it comes to NCAA stuff like that, they keep me in the backroom. It would be awesome for college baseball, awesome for the community, and awesome for our fans and for our players (if we were to face UA). I think it would be a great thing. I would like to play other teams because they are really good, they scare me."

On winning the regional:
"I feel great. It is a lot of pressure at home and it was set up nice for us. I've been in Arizona's situation and it can be very difficult. I think that it is a great accomplishment for these players. I just made the same lineup that I've used for 50 games and I left it the same for the last three. Pitching staff was outstanding; (Brett) Bordes was consistent and (Pat) Bresnehan was great. We kept it together and guys like (Jeff) Larish and (Travis) Buck starred for us. It was their time and they came through, opening things up for Curtis. He didn't want them to show him up, he is so competitive, that he put on a show today. I feel great about it."

Arizona State junior RF Travis Buck
On Coastal Carolina:
"They are a really good team and they won about 50 games this year. They are terrific and they are very talented. Obviously, we had the advantage of playing at home where we are most comfortable. We came into this knowing that we were the best team and that's the way we have to think. We didn't play great all weekend, but our pitching kept us in every game and different people came through at the plate every night."

On the last four innings of the game:
"I think we wanted it more than they did. After we beat them pretty good yesterday, they had to come back in the morning and play for a chance to get back at us. It looked like it took its toll on them and once we had the momentum during the first part of the game; we knew it was going to be ours. We felt like they gave up towards the end and we took advantage of that."

On the Fullerton-Arizona match-up:
"We'll be watching. Obviously it will be a great game, but like Coach says, it doesn't matter who we play. We've faced everything this year and nothing is new to us. We are happy for the opportunity to play again and we know we will be hungry when the opportunity arises. Whether we travel or play at our place, it doesn't matter to us."

Arizona State junior LHP Brett Bordes
On the strikeouts of CCU's Mike Costanzo:
"I was behind in the count already and I knew I wanted to throw fastballs. I went after him and he didn't even attempt to swing. I was pretty pumped. They are pretty good hitters. I just went down low and dropped some (submarines) on them and got the job done. I made it shakily through the end there, but it was fun.

"I had heard of him and I knew he was a lefty. But I was just happy to have a lefty because I like dropping down on those guys. We knew he was their big hitter and their All-American, but it didn't faze us."

On the line drive:
"It was coming at me and I knew I couldn't (get a glove) on it. So I kicked it to Andrew Romine and I thought we got him at first base. Then we got him at third as well and it was just huge."

Arizona State junior LF Colin Curtis
On the homerun:
"We jumped out early on them and they came back. Both guys ahead of me got on base and I was just trying to go up the middle and not pull it so much. He just gave me a pitch and I have been due for a while. I haven't shown much power. It was an exciting situation and it got us back in the game. I wasn't thinking about it too much up there.

"It was like the Carlton Fisk (home run), I was just saying, 'Stay fair, stay fair." It was hooking and hit the foul pole and I got a little excited. I gave it a little fist pump."

Coastal Carolina Quotes

Coastal Carolina Head Coach Gary Gilmore
How prepared was your pitching staff today?
"It was basically volunteers today. We just went through the roster and looked to see who could give us an inning here and there. Kevin Marrie did an outstanding job. Looking at the final score it didn't reflect how we pitched.

On the game:
"The kick save was huge. That's a 6-5 game with one or no outs and suddenly we're back with life in our system. The game is that small at times. We miss a routine ground ball at second base and it wears on us mentally. We beat ourselves with small mistakes. It really should have been a much closer game than it was. We competed for about five innings and had virtually nothing left after, and they put runs on the board every inning after the 5th inning. That's a sign of a great team and we were just fatigued. My team played their hearts out and I'm proud of them and we lost to a very good team. Our program and team is in infancy compared to them and we're trying to create a great team a program like they have. Fifty wins didn't get us to Omaha, but it's a benchmark we set and I couldn't be more proud of these guys. They played their heart out for me and I can't ask them to do anymore."

Coastal Carolina senior Infielder Chris Todd
On being a senior and finishing up his career:
"When something like this ends, you start thinking back to when you were playing as a kid. All the hard work you put in everyday, and it's tough to realize it's not going to be there for you anymore. It hasn't even sunk in yet that I'm going to get up tomorrow and not have something to do."

On errors throughout the game:
"They really played a huge role in the game. Normal plays that we usually make we were taking for granted and the mistakes can change the course of the game. A run here and there each inning adds up and it makes the difference in the game right there."

Coastal Carolina junior 3B Mike Costanzo
On the two games against ASU at the plate:
"I struggled, obviously. They kept me off-balance and I just wasn't seeing the ball as well as I usually do. I handled the ACC pitchers fine throughout the season. I just didn't have it this weekend against ASU."

Did the heat here factor in at all?
"It was pretty tough. We were tired and running on fumes today. We made an attempt to comeback and we fell short. The games and the heat just take a toll on you and that's no excuse, but it's hot out there. We gave it our all, but we just didn't have it."

"You have to tip your hat to those guys, they played really well. We're no walk in the park team, but they beat us twice. We had 50 wins on the season and we beat some awesome teams, but ASU stepped up and beat us, and you have to give them credit for that. We just fell short."

Coastal Carolina sophomore RHP Kevin Marrie
How well prepared was the pitching staff today?
"We used everyone we had, people who haven't pitched in awhile had to step up and we gave everything we had."

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