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Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
ASU Athletics Proudly Announces 91 Spring/Summer Graduates
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 05/15/2014
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TEMPE, Ariz.--Arizona State University and Sun Devil Athletics proudly announces that 91 student-athletes will graduate with their undergraduate degrees and 13 with their graduate degrees this week as part of spring and summer commencement ceremonies.

A total of 24 student-athletes graduated with honors: 13 Summa Cum Laude (3.80 to 4.00 GPA), five Magna Cum Laude (3.60 to 3.79 GPA) and six Cum Laude (3.40 to 3.59 GPA). 

Five student-athletes graduated in less than four years and nine are Barrett, the Honors College graduates. 

Both Sun Devil quarterbacks for 2014 — Taylor Kelly and Mike Bercovici (less than four years) — will play as graduates.

Among the former student-athletes graduating are Sun Devil Sports Hall of Famer J.R. Redmond, Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler, Jamaar Jarrett, Keelan Johnson, Jamal Miles, Shelly Lyons, and Rashad Ross of football.  A total of 23 football student-athletes participated in graduation ceremonies this week.

Baseball’s Cory Hahn graduated from ASU with a degree in Business Communication: 

Even in wheelchair, former Arizona State ballplayer Hahn clears hurdles (by Gregg Doyle,

Paralyzed ballplayer finds a future in the game (by John Marshall, Associated Press)

All 91 of the May and summer graduates and their families were honored at the SDA Student-Athlete Graduation Luncheon Tuesday at the Tempe Mission Palms.

The following is a list of the student-athletes who will participate in graduation ceremonies this week:

Corey Adams, Football, MS Management

Sil Ajawara, Football, BS Communication with Sociology Minor

**Blair Alderson, Soccer, BS Communication and Family and Human Development

Trever Allen, Baseball, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication/Sociology)

Heather Arseneau, Track and Field, BS Nutrition

Dylan Austin, Track and Field, MS Management

Jordan Bachynski, Basketball, BA Business Communication

^*Garrett Baker-Slama, Cross Country, BS Kinesiology

Bo Barnes, Basketball, BA Business Communication

Nisha Barrett, Basketball, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Family Studies)

***Tristin Baxter, Swimming, BS Business Communication

Brandon Behrens, Wrestling, BS Biological Sciences

^*Jordan Benesh, Track and Field, BS Accountancy with Communication Minor

+Michael Bercovici, Football, BS Management

Kyle Bilbrey, Baseball, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Education/Wellness Foundations)

**Alicia Brightwell, Water Polo, BGS General Studies with Media Analysis Minor

James Brundage, Wrestling, MS Management

Joy Burke, Basketball, MA Communication Studies

Jaclyn Chavez, Swimming, BS Sociology

Gannon Conway, Football, BA Business (Legal Studies)

Cheyenne Coyle, Softball, BS Health Sciences (Healthy Lifestyles Coaching)

*Lindsey Edgerton, Softball, BS Kinesiology and Psychology

Justin Edwards, Basketball, MLSt Liberal Studies

Nathan Estes, Track and Field, MS Mechanical Engineering

^*Caitlyn Francis, Volleyball, BS Family and Human Development and BA Psychology

^*Sarah Geren, Track and Field, BS Biological Sciences with Anthropology Minor

Kelli Gibson, Track and Field, BA Psychology

***Ryan Glander, Swimming, BSE Chemical Engineering

Asiah Gooden, Track and Field, BS Kinesiology

***Shannon Haas, Water Polo, BAE Early Childhood Education, BS Family and Human Development

Cory Hahn, Baseball, BA Business Communication

Ke’Nya Hardge, Track and Field, BS Sociology with Family and Human Development Minor

*Alex Hartig, Track and Field, BS Accountancy and International Business Studies Certificate

Alycia Herring, Track and Field, BA Psychology with Sociology Minor

Derick Hinch, Track and Field, BS Sociology with Sustainability Minor

Nathan Hoffer, Wrestling, BS Environmental and Resource Management

*Ianeta Hutchinson, Water Polo, BA Psychology and BS Sociology

Hannah James, Tennis, BS Kinesiology

Jamaar Jarrett, Football, BS Sociology

Anna Jelmini, Track and Field, BA Design Studies

Alixandria Johnson, Softball, BS Communication

Keelan Johnson, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (African & African Amer. Studies/Sociology)

Anthony Jones, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Sociology)

Harrison Jones, Diving, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Psychology)

Nicole Jones, Golf, BA Business (Legal Studies) with Sustainability Minor

*Bethany Jorgensen, Volleyball, BS Health Sciences (Health Policy) with Family and Human Development Minor

Julia Katolik, Volleyball, BS Family and Human Development with Sociology Minor

Taylor Kelly, Football, BAE Educational Studies

Kipeli Koniseti, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Education/Sociology)

^*Linda Kuenzi, Track and Field, BSE Aerospace Engineering

+***Justine Lee, Golf, BS Exercise and Wellness

Shelly Lyons, Football, BS Criminal Justice/Criminology

Deja Mann, Basketball, MLSt Liberal Studies

Chris Manuele, Track and Field, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication/History)

Jermaine Marshall, Basketball, MLSt Liberal Studies

Steffon Martin, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication/Sociology)

Riley McCormick, Diving, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Business/Justice Studies)

Shane McCullen, Football, MS Science of Healthcare Delivery

Kyle Middlebrooks, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Business/Communication)

Jamal Miles, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Education/Sociology)

Zakary Miller, Baseball, MS Management

Jonathan Mora, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Business/Sociology)

Robert Nelson, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Sociology)

Brock Osweiler, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies, (Political Science/Sociology)

^**Alex Palumbo, Swimming, BA History with Political Science Minor

^*Kaitlyn Pavlovich, Soccer, BAE Elementary Education with Family and Human Development Minor

+***Ioana “Alex” Popa, Swimming, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Psychology)

Mackenzie Popescue, Softball, BS Exercise and Wellness with Nutrition and Healthy Living Minor

Stephanie Preach, Volleyball, MS Management

J.R. Redmond, Football, BS Sociology

Nick Rex, Wrestling, MLSt Liberal Studies

***Rachael Ritter, SoccerBS Kinesiology with Psychology Minor

Jesus Rivera, Track and Field, BA Global Health

Rashad Ross, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Sociology)

^*Jasmine Roth, Soccer, BS Biochemistry

Christopher Russo, Golf, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Business/Political Science)

**Edward Sarafin, Football, BSE Biomedical Engineering

Samantha Seaman, Gymnastics, BS Food and Nutrition Management

Garrett Seawell, Track and Field, BS Sociology

Benjamin Shur, Golf, BS Marketing

Shaylah Simpson, Track and Field, BA Psychology with Family and Human Development Minor

+*Joanna Smith, Tennis, BS Family and Human Development and Psychology

Max Smith, Football, MLSt Liberal Studies

Tyler Sulka, Football, BS Criminal Justice and Criminology

Adrianne Thomas, Basketball, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Sociology)

Jarett Upchurch, Basketball, BA Communication

Marcus Washington, Football, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice/Education)

^David Whitmore, Basketball, BS Management with Communication Minor

*Bailey Wigness, Softball, BS Communication and Political Science

+**Thomas Williams, Cross Country, BA Political Science

Taylor Wohrley, Swimming, BIS Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication/Film and Media Studies)


*Denotes Summa Cum Laude (3.80 to 4.00 GPA)

**Denotes Magna Cum Laude (3.60 to 3.79 GPA)

***Denotes Cum Laude (3.40 to 3.59 GPA)

^Denotes Barrett Honors College Graduate            

+Denotes graduated in less than four years     

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