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Sparky Tryouts

Friday, April 15th
Phoenix Municipal Stadium
5:30 PM

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What you need to know

  • You must be a current ASU student
  • You must be a student on the respective campus for which you are trying out or be willing to provide your own transportation in order to fulfill requested appearances on that campus
  • All individuals selected to represent their campus as Sparky must sign a contract and adhere to all requirements set forth in that contract (see below)

If selected, you must sign the contract and adhere to the guidelines. Failure to do so will result in removal from the program.

As a member of the Sparky Mascot program, you are expected to represent the University in a respectful manner, one that promotes Arizona State University and Sun Devil Athletics with a positive image consistent with the goals of the University itself. As such, all members of the Sparky Mascot program will be required to follow all rules set forth for all appearances that the Sparky Mascot program participates in.

      I. Academics
        a. The requirements of participating in the Sparky Mascot program shall include the minimum of:
          i. Being enrolled in 12 credit hours (undergraduate)/ 6 credit hours (graduate).

b. Maintain a 2.0 grade point average

      II. Appearances
        a. The Sparky Mascot program participates in a wide variety of appearances in the community to help promote the University's partnership and interaction with the local and state community.
          i. All members are expected to participate in events scheduled by the Marketing Department for community involvement.
            ii. All members are required to call the point of contact if they are to be tardy for a public appearance.
          iii. No shows will not be tolerated. If you have committed to participating in an event and have an unavoidable conflict, you must make every effort to find a suitable replacement.
        III. Uniform Care
          a. All members are required to maintain their uniforms for appearances.

        b. Damages that occur due to carelessness, laziness, or by activity not approved for use of the uniform may be charged to members.
      IV. Unauthorized Appearancesa. Requests for Sparky must be approved by a member of the Sun Devil Athletics marketing staff. NO unauthorized Sparky appearances may be done.
      V. Behavior
        a. All members are required to be professional when representing the University, whether at a home or away event.
        b. NO member may be under the influence of illicit drugs, alcohol, or any other mind-altering substance while representing the University.
        c. NO member may consume alcohol while representing the University, even if that member is of legal age.
        d. Members may be tested for drugs at ANY time, under the guidelines of the NCAA.

The rules and guidelines are to be abided by all members representing the Sparky Mascot program.

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