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Beach Volleyball
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Sand Volleyball Defeats Arizona At Pac-12 Invitational
Courtesy: Sun Devil Athletics
Release: 04/19/2014
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SANTA MONICA, Calif.—The Arizona State sand volleyball team topped its conference rival, Arizona, in the quarterfinals of the team competition at the Pac-12 Invitational hosted by USC at the Annenberg Community Beach House.

As a team ASU (4-5) dropped its opening-round match to CSUB, 4-1, before defeating Arizona, 3-2, in the quarterfinals. ASU was then swept by USC, 5-0, in the semifinals.

Four of five of ASU’s parings picked up wins on Saturday, with Jordy Checkal and Kizzy Willey defeating Lisa Bartsch and Julia Bowen in the match with CSUB, 21-18, 21-11.

In the Sun Devils’ win over Arizona, Andi Lowrance and Nora Tuioti-Mariner started things off with a win over Jazmine Campas and Emily Kiser, 21-6, 21-9. Arizona picked up wins at No. 4, and then at No. 3, before Whitney Follette and Macey Gardner tied up the match at 2-2 with a win over Madi Kingdon and Ronni Lewis, 21-18, 23-25, 15-9.

With the match tied, Bianca Arellano and Bethany Jorgensen defeated Madison Witt and McKenna Witt in a thriller that went three sets, 27-25, 25-27, 15-11.

Up next, the Sun Devils will compete in the pairs competition of the Pac-12 Invitational on Sunday.

ASU Results:
MATCH #1 | Bakersfield 4, Arizona State 1 (FINAL)
Pac-12 Invitational | First Round
Records: Bakersfield (7-8), Arizona State (3-4)

1. Debora Araujo/Molly O’Hagan (CSUB) def. Bianca Arellano/Bethany Jorgensen (ASU); 21-16, 22-20

2. Mariah Alvidrez/Shayna Guitare (CSUB) def. Whitney Follette/Macey Gardner (ASU); 21-17, 22-20

3. Jordy Checkal/McKenzie Willey (ASU) def. Lisa Bartsch/Julia Bowen (CSUB); 21-18, 21-11

4. Sydney Haynes/Danika Youngblood (CSUB) def. BreElle Bailey/Genevieve Pirotte (ASU); 21-10, 23-21
5. Sara Little/Hazel Perrens (CSUB) def. Andi Lowrance/Nora Tuioti-Mariner (ASU); 27-25, 21-17

Order of finish: 3, 4, 2, 1*, 5

MATCH #5 | Arizona State 3, Arizona 2 (FINAL)
Pac-12 Invitational | Quarterfinal
Records: Arizona (7-10), Arizona State (4-4)

1. Bianca Arellano/Bethany Jorgensen (ASU) def. Madison Witt/McKenna Witt (ARIZ); 27-25, 25-27, 15-11
2. Whitney Follette/Macey Gardner (ASU) def. Madi Kingdon/Ronni Lewis (ARIZ); 21-18, 23-25, 15-9

3. Rachel Rhoades/Sarah Seiber (ARIZ) def. Jordy Checkal/McKenzie Willey (ASU); 21-17, 21-15

4. Taylor Arizobal/Allie Cook (ARIZ) def. BreElle Bailey/Genevieve Pirotte (ASU); 21-15, 21-12

5. Andi Lowrance/Nora Tuioti-Mariner (ASU) def. Jazmine Campas/Emily Kiser (ARIZ); 21-6, 21-9

Order of finish: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1*

MATCH #7 | USC 5, Arizona State 0
Pac-12 Invitational | Semifinal

Records: USC (19-1), Arizona State (4-5)

1. Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Bianca Arellano/Bethany Jorgensen (ASU); 21-10, 21-9
2. Kelly Claes/Alexa Strange (USC) def. Whitney Follette/Macey Gardner (ASU); 21-16, 21-10

3. Sam Hirschmann/Natasa Siljkovic (USC) def. Jordy Checkal/McKenzie Willey (ASU); 21-15, 21-16
4. Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ (USC) def. BreElle Bailey/Genevieve Pirotte (ASU); 21-14, 21-10

5. Nicolette Martin/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Andi Lowrance/Nora Tuioti-Mariner (ASU); 21-15, 23-21
Order of finish: 1, 2, 4*, 5, 3

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